Break Into Comedy: Imadoki! Volume 2

Here’s another edition of my mini-column of sorts, where I pick out my favorite scenes that best embody dramatic moments suddenly shifting into comedy to lighten the mood. My new pick this time is another manga by Yuu Watase called Imadoki! What can I say? She is the best when it comes to blending comic moments into tense and serious situations.

The basic premise of Imadoki! focuses around Tanpopo Yamazaki, a country girl from Hokkaido who gets her chance to attend a high school in the big city of Tokyo. She’s bubbly, optimistic, and a bit naive when she tries to take on her new school with the intention of making good memories and new friends. When she quite literally crashes into Koki Kugyo during her secret tour to see her new school, she decides he will be her first new friend. Antics, friendship, and love ensue in this high school romantic comedy series.

Here’s a snapshot I took from the manga, where Koki clocks Kyogoku in the face

The scene I’m choosing for this column is when Koki saves Tanpopo from Aoi Kyogoku or “Flippy” as he is later nicknamed in the series. The scene starts off a bit tense. Koki and Tanpopo are stuck in the school elevator thanks to Kyogoku’s amazing tech skills. It’s in this scene where Koki discovers Tanpopo’s fear of dark, tight spaces. When Koki finally gets them out of the elevator, Kyogoku grabs Tanpopo and claims her as his hostage at knife point. Koki fears for Tanpopo’s life, and is willing to do what’s necessary to save her. Even go down on his knees and beg at Kyogoku’s feet. This takes Kyogoku by surprise because he never expects the great Koki Kugyo to put aside his pride to save one girl. Before Kyogoku can react, he gets blindsided by a punch to the face with none other than Koki’s trusty gardening trowel or scoop, as it is referenced in the manga.

Only for it to be revealed that Koki has used his “scoop” to punch out Kyogoku

I enjoy these particular panels the most because it ends up being rather wacky in the end after all the danger and tension in the last few scenes leading up to this one. Kyogoku’s face is really priceless in the above panel, and his comment is pretty hilarious. There’s also something absurd about seeing Koki standing like a badass with his gardening trowel. Definitely not the normal weapon of choice to save a damsel in distress. But like all of Watase’s mangas, you get the sense of her wanting to not take her own characters too seriously. Even the most serious of characters, like Koki, can have their silly moments. It makes the cool, handsome shojo manga male seem imperfect, despite the appearance he gives off throughout most of the story.

Final Thoughts on Ceres: Celestial Legend

The final volume of Ceres had the right amount of drama, action, and romance to wrap up this grand and blood soaked manga. This post may be littered with spoilers so please read at your own risk.

There appears to be a number of recurring themes going on in this manga. Among the themes most prevalent are power corrupts, revenge, death, sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. To be honest, these themes are the same ones you find in Watase’s other series, Fushigi Yugi. I do find Ceres to be a much darker series than Fushigi Yugi, as I have mentioned before in previous posts about this series.

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We Found Love (Across Dimensions): Miaka & Tamahome

Fairytale romances awaken the imagination and sets hearts beating. It can take our breaths away or remind us how much we want a love that’s possible in spite of the odds. Miaka’s and Tamahome’s love story in Fushigi Yugi is a love that defies all odds and succeeds.

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Evil Possession: A glimpse into Mikage of Ceres: Celestial Legend, Volume 9

Right now I’m in the process of collecting and reading the last few volumes of Ayashi no Ceres or Ceres: Celestial Legend. I finished reading Volume 9 of the manga entitled Progenitor. If you aren’t familiar with Ceres, read the Wikipedia page here to find out more. As you get further into the series, it gets difficult to stomach a lot of the stuff that goes on in this manga series. Fushigi Yugi also had its own uncomfortable scenes to read too, but I feel that FY hasn’t made me squirm half as much as Ceres has.

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