Summertime Play: A Video Games Update

The summer season tends to encourage people to go outside or plan vacations. Other times it’s a good reason to catch up on other leisure pursuits, like gaming. My summer has been getting away from me with vacations, social engagements, and general errands that have been keeping my schedule jam packed. But I have managed to fit an hour or two of gaming on some weeknights and weekends.

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A Ray Of Sunshine: The Sunshine Blogger Award

One of the most rewarding things about blogging is its community. The simple act of reading, commenting, and following other bloggers, whose interests are similar to your own, leads you to life long friends and supporters you never would have connected with otherwise. And what’s especially great about the WordPress community is the overwhelming warmth and kindness that unfailingly greets you every time you come online, which can sometimes inspire your fellow peers to nominate you for a blogging award.

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Thriller Night: Video Game Moments That Are Unexpectedly Scary Or Creepy

The month of October will conjure a lot of images—pumpkin spice everything, foliage watching, or several rounds of beers at Oktober Fest events in your local area. But nothing screams October quite like Halloween does. Black cats, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, candy, and spooky ghost stories bring out the fun and festive side of Halloween. But if you’re past a certain age where eating candy or dressing up is no longer cool and you’re a gamer, maybe you prefer to celebrate Halloween by staying in and playing a scary video game.

Horror is not my favorite genre, and I have touched upon it before in the now defunct Geek Force Network. But just because you won’t find me playing games like The Evil Within or Silent Hill that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways I could get my own dose of chills and thrills through other video games. Sometimes you may actually play games where you wouldn’t expect to encounter a part that just makes you jump out of your seat a little or leaves you with an uneasy feeling until you get through that one section of the game. In honor of all things that are a little bit frightening, I’ve compiled a short list of gaming moments that gave me the creeps. There also may be some spoilers in the video games I discuss, so proceed with caution.

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March Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Extended Edition): Saints Row IV

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you sometimes have to admit to yourself you might have taken on more than you’re able to handle. Maybe you got too ambitious or you didn’t carefully plan everything out in your head. Whatever it may be, this is the situation I found myself in when I made the attempt to play and finish Saints Row IV.

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February Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Saints Row IV

The month draws to a close on a leap year and I approach this progress report under slightly special circumstances, like the month itself is special for the extra day this year. February has been a bit of an upheaval month for me personally, but I have been diligent in squeezing game time for my challenge pick in spite of that.

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Video Game Challenge For February: Game Number Fifteen Revealed

Stepping out of a break from video games and attacking the backlog after a few months can bring you back to familiar territory––what should I play for a month? Poring over the sizable amount of games I have (most of them older titles), I start going with what my gut speaks to. With a game collection that isn’t too shabby at all, the game I had to play this month became crystal clear.

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March Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Sleeping Dogs

One of the best things about playing video games is you go on a journey with a character. In the beginning, they’re total strangers to you and you’re not really sure what to make of them. Will I like you or hate you? Will I want to see you pull through or have you rot in hell like you deserve? Give it time, or until the end of the game, and you’ll find yourself caring about them, like a really great friend who you’ll only want to see the very best happen to them. This is the journey I felt I had with Sleeping Dog’s Wei Shen. Before we say farewell to roaring March, let’s see how I did with this month’s video game challenge.

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Video Game Challenge For March: Game Number Eight Revealed

Every once in a while you’ll find one game that is so epic it’s almost impossible to find a new game that’ll top the experience you’ve just had. I found myself in that predicament when I played and finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. DAI has been my sun, moon, and stars for the last four months of my gaming life. Moving onto other games (until Bioware releases DLC or an expansion to extend the DAI experience) has been a difficult task. What game is worthy of my time and devotion for a whole month? Fortunately, I’ve been able to answer that question and make my choice after feeling out a few games before making a commitment to one.

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Video Game Challenge (Special Edition): Dragon Age – Inquisition

We’re inching ever so closely to the end of 2014 and the video game challenges I’ve set up for myself at the start of this year has been an interesting project to take on. I can’t say the project has been 100% simple, and you’ll get a full end of the year report about my own thoughts during the entire time I stuck with the game challenges, but I can say it has been worth the effort I put into it. Because November is a special month for Dragon Age fans, I have been alluding in previous posts, for quite some time now, how the rest of the year for my video game challenges will look like. Get ready because the Inquisition has arrived and taken over simpleek!

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September Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Injustice – Gods Among Us

As remnants of the summer season fades into the background to usher in the entrance of fall, September draws to a rapid close as October is nearly here. The cooler days and the slow down going on in my life right now has made this the prime time to see if I’d succeed at this month’s video game challenge. Before I officially say goodbye to the month of September, it’s time for you all to find out how well I did.

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