#Listmas2016: Fictional Worlds I’d Want To Spend Christmas In

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The smell of pine in the air as trees are being sold on the sidewalks. The lights and decorations brightening up a window display or cozy home. The presence of family and friends as you eat and exchange presents by the Christmas tree. It’s a magical time, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it might be like to experience Christmas in my favorite video game or book. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve listed a few fictional worlds I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas at.

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September Video Game Challenge Progress Report: A Boy And His Blob

We apply our best effort in whatever we tackle in life. The same can be said with video games that provide, what I call, fun challenges. Mostly. Sometimes we have to admit our weaknesses and maybe try again another day when certain things are blocking you from achieving your goal. It’s time I give a full report on this month’s video game challenge.

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Video Game Challenge For September: Game Number Twelve Revealed

Being a late bloomer kind of gamer, one of the first consoles I ever bought was Nintendo’s Wii system. I was dazzled by its motion sensor technology and the abundance of fun games made for the console, such as Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy. Naturally, I thought the Wii would be the only console I’ll own or ever need. Of course, I was proven wrong when a little game called Dragon Age: Origins for a certain Xbox 360 walked into my life.

I may not buy or have as many games for the Wii, especially when more emphasis has been placed on making games for Nintendo’s Wii U (a system I don’t have at the moment), but it doesn’t lessen the significance the Wii played in my life. When a console becomes your first entry point into becoming a gamer, you’ll never forget that moment. As I may have dropped an obvious hint about what system I’ll be playing on next, it’s time I unveil my newest video game challenge for this month.

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Video Games Are Supposed To Be Fun…Right?

Video games have always been considered escapist entertainment. You select the game of your choice, fire up the console, and you’re on your way to exploring that mysterious island or fighting against the undead in a zombie apocalypse. The beauty of having so many games to choose from is you can jump from world to world and become a new character each time. Games can be played either solo or with a friend or family member. The point is video games are fun. Or are they?

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Game Review: Exercise via motion games

I’m back after a nice, long Christmas break. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays this past weekend.

When it comes to holidays, it’s obvious we will be eating…a lot. 2011 will be history and 2012 will soon be here. I have a New Year’s Eve party coming up this weekend where I will not only be drinking to ring in the New Year, but there will be more food to eat. With the amount of food I’ve been eating I know I have gained more pounds than I care to have added to my waist. Usually when this happens I eat smaller portions during the week and I exercise to shed the few pounds I have gained during the holiday eatathons. Where am I going with this? I truly like the idea of motion based games to whip me into shape after all this eating.

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Game Review: Cooking Mama

One of the games that have gotten me into playing and owning the Wii/DS back in 2009 was the Cooking Mama games. I finished Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Wii a while back. The game is simple, you select a recipe and then follow the onscreen instructions to crack, chop, and fry your way into Mama’s good graces to award you with a gold, silver, or bronze medal. There are plenty of recipes to unlock coming from different countries around the world. The graphics in the game are nicely done, and for animated food it looks pretty mouth watering inducing in my opinion.

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