Wrap Me Up: Perfect Pairs To Turn A Summer Dress Into Wearable Fall Fashion

That fall feeling is in the air. The temperature starts feeling cooler, days grow shorter, and pumpkin spice fever has permeated local coffee shops and bakeries. We store away the flip flops and tank tops for flats and cozy sweaters. We begin ushering in a new season and adapt accordingly to the changes. But for some, it may be hard to let go of those pretty sleeveless or backless summer dresses for something more fall appropriate. The ladies who love their bright and colorful summer dresses want a chance to wear them out a little longer. How do you do that without the cool breeze nipping at your bare shoulders? Pair that summer dress with a stylish sweater or jacket. Here are my personal favorite cover-ups every lady who loves their summer dresses should have in their closet to be fall ready in a snap.

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Pull Your Pants Up!

For those who have been interested in reading my Fashionista Musings portions of the blog, I typically discuss my opinions for certain trends in women’s fashion. To shift gears for a bit for this week’s fashion focus post, I tackle a trend that’s hardly new for men, but not a trend I find particularly attractive either. What am I talking about? The saggy pants look of course.

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