simpleek Levels Up: New Site Address & Slightly Different Look

Running a blog for five years, like I have, is a huge deal. I never really expected to keep it going for this long. I just wanted a public space to call my own to express myself and connect with similar individuals who are just as passionate about the hobbies and interests I enjoyed. Seeing as there’s no plans to retire from my blogging gig any time soon, I decided it’s time to upgrade simpleek.

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An October & Beyond Overview For The Blog

Entering the month of October for most people means there’s a lot going on from anticipated video game releases to more fall shows returning or debuting for the first time on television. October for me and the blog will be an especially busy time and I want to outline what you can expect from me this month.

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A New Look With Some New Pages

As you can see, this isn’t really a post update. I wanted to bring your attention to the blog maintenance I have been up to lately. I announced on my Twitter account a few weeks ago about how I changed the look of my blog entirely. And if you frequent my blog often (for that I love you and think you are all awesome), you have already seen the new look. This post is more of an official announcement of the new things going on at simpleek.

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