Baffling Fashion Trends: Fuzzy Slipper Slides

Fashion trends can sometimes be a funny and odd thing to wrap your brain around. Some looks scream stylish and classic. Others can leave you wondering when did this become something most people want to wear as part of their every day style. Lately, I’ve encountered one trend that seems to be popping up everywhere I go and that’s the fuzzy slipper slides.

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Fashionista Musings: Fake Front Pockets

Shopping for a good pair of jeans can be tough. There are a lot of factors to consider from the color and style to the cut and fit. No one jeans are ever alike, and sometimes it’ll take time before you find a pair that’s just right. If finding your one perfect pair isn’t difficult enough, there’s a new trend I’m loathing even more than going jeans shopping and that’s fake front pockets.

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Dreamy Lace: Why Lace Is My Current Favorite Fashion Trend

Fashion trends in the last few years have been pretty lackluster for me. Going clothes shopping almost always had me leaving the stores empty handed. Nothing in the clothing racks really excited me or gave me an overwhelming sense of, “Buy me!” This has probably been a good thing for my closet space and wallet. With an upward trend and interest in more softer and feminine styles for the spring and summer seasons lately, I have a reason to get excited about shopping again and finding the clothes I really want to buy. The lace trend is the current addition to the ultra romantic and feminine looks I’ve been seeing making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier.

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Flower Child: Flower Crowns As A Fashion Hair Piece

When it comes to getting ready and going out for the day, I’m the type of person who prefers to put her hair up all the time. I never really like leaving my hair loose unless it’s being styled for special occasions. Putting my hair up always gives me the opportunity to do something fun and different with it. Being a fan of flower accessories, as I have mentioned in an older post about them, it’s a pretty touch to brighten up an otherwise mundane hairstyle. Toss in a flower crown as an upgrade to the flower accessory for your hair and you usher in a new fashion statement for your hairstyle.

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The Ultra Thin Down: Stylish But Hardly Warm For A Cold Winter’s Night

If you live any where in the world where you have four seasons and one of those seasons includes winter, you know the temperatures drop down to levels that’s downright freezing. The coming of winter makes people feel more inclined to want to stay in, snuggle up under the covers, and maybe read a book as you sip a steaming mug of hot cocoa or tea. But for those who do have to step out into the biting cold, you need to dress warmly and that usually means sporting a winter jacket. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people shirking the bulky and puffy down jackets for the super sleek, ultra thin down jackets.

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Long Days And Warm Nights – The High Waist Skirt Trend

Summer is here and all those warm days and nights make you long for beaches, ice cream, and destination getaways. With the heat comes people spending more time outside, eating at cute sidewalk cafes as they people watch, or a chance to flash a little more skin to keep yourself cooled off during those record high temperatures. A trend this summer for the ladies are the high waist skirts. Want to look cute and not have the clothes you wear stick to your skin? This trend is your answer and it’s one of my favorite ones to wear this summer.

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Pull Your Pants Up!

For those who have been interested in reading my Fashionista Musings portions of the blog, I typically discuss my opinions for certain trends in women’s fashion. To shift gears for a bit for this week’s fashion focus post, I tackle a trend that’s hardly new for men, but not a trend I find particularly attractive either. What am I talking about? The saggy pants look of course.

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Spring Forward With Pastels – The Latest Color Trend

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical. One minute something is hot and in the next, it’s just not. The great thing about fashion is how a certain style or color is bound to make a comeback somewhere down the line. Last year, I discussed my strong dislike for the neon color trend. This time I have a reason to rejoice at this year’s color trend––pastels.

This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year
This lovely Forever 21 dress is an example of the colors you will see this year

Maybe my love for pastels is linked to having been born around the spring. Soft colors of rose petal pink, lavender, or daffodil yellow instantly makes me yearn for the milder temperatures and the flowers getting ready to sprout from the ground. Whatever it is, I find the colors to make a girl feel pretty and flirty.

Where neon colors announce, “I’m here and I’m daring. If you don’t like it, then get out of my way,” pastels seem to say, “I’m romantic and I carry an air of innocence.” Pastels are what I like to call the low-key and subtle colors of fashion. A person who wears pastels makes the kind of statement where a hint of their presence is left behind. You almost wonder if she ever existed at all. The colors also evoke a bit of coyness depending on what pieces you wear.

Pastels can also bring out the little girl in all of us who used to wear those Sunday Easter dresses to represent the youth and renewal of spring. These colors embodies all of that. Pastels have been my favorite kind of colors to wear and keep in my wardrobe. I also consider them an extension of who I am as a person when I’m out in public and wear these colors. I am a romantic and dreamer in some ways, and wearing a pale pink dress or a sea green blouse communicates that. It’s refreshing to wear colors that pushes out the winter blues of blacks and grays, and welcomes blue skies and abundant sunshine. If you want to frolic in the park among a field of flowers, then have fun doing it with a pastel outfit!

What do you think of the current color trend? Does pastels conjure images of femininity and romance? Or are pastels too drab and unimaginative for your liking?

Splashes of Neon: The Current Color Trend

Spring is in the air and just around the corner is summer. The temperatures are getting warmer and with that we can air out the skirts, summer dresses, and shorts that have been in storage and tuck away the winter layers and sweaters. Going to department stores or flipping through magazines, I have noticed the color trend for this season is going bright and neon. Lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green––these colors are eye popping. Wearing colors like these will certainly draw people’s attention. It’s hard to ignore someone wearing super bright colors. I can see how neon colors would be the current fun and flirty colors of the season to wear and to add to your current wardrobe, but I’m not a huge fan of bright colors.

Stop traffic with this bright summer dress

The neon color trend is too bright and loud for my taste. These colors are an attention grabber when you walk down the street, but I prefer not to draw attention to myself. These colors are for women who are bold, confident and don’t shy away from attention. They embrace it, live it, and work it. I am confident, but I prefer to not stop traffic when I think I’m wearing the equivalent of an orange street cone.

I’m much more the neutral, soft pastel colors kind of girl. The neon colors is too hardcore for my reserved nature. I also wonder if my reluctance to embrace this new color trend has something to do with the New Yorker in me?

I have observed on the train how so few New Yorkers really wear bright colors. Usually I would be riding the train with other commuters amidst a sea of black and white. I suppose a lot of us prefer to blend with the crowd and not stand out. I’m usually amazed when there is a splash of color lurking in all the neutrals I see in my morning commute to work. I’m pretty sure there are fashionistas out there rocking the bright colors somewhere within the city, but I just haven’t encountered them yet.

I think the neon colors suit summer more than spring. In my opinion, spring colors should be softer like rose pink or lavender purple. These make me think more of the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in bloom during the spring season. Neon is more like how I see the summer season––bright and hotter.

I may not enjoy this season’s colors or even be likely to wear them, but I guess this season is about stepping out and shining in the spotlight. If you want to feel bold and daring then going neon with your wardrobe colors may be just want you want to do. I, on the other hand, will enjoy blending in with the masses with my softer color tones.

What do you think of the neon trend? Are you tired of the same dull neutrals and pastels and think going bold and bright is what fashion needs? Or is bright just too bright for your tastes?