Anime Review: Fruits Basket

Accessing and watching anime has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many others. When the mood struck to watch anime one evening, I browsed the selection of anime on Hulu and found all episodes of Fruits Basket available for streaming. This was the perfect opportunity to watch a shojo anime I only caught a few episodes of many years ago, but only now got to watch from start to finish.

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She’s Got The Look: My Top Five Fashion Picks From The ’90s Sailor Moon Anime

What you wear and how you wear it is a very personal choice. You can find inspiration for your personal style just about anywhere from the people you see on the street to fashion magazines. Looking for style inspiration in your favorite anime, like I’ve talked about in a past post, is another source to draw upon.

Thanks to a BuzzFeed article I read about the ’90s Sailor Moon anime having a wealth of fashionably dressed Sailor Scouts, when they’re not in school or fighting monsters, it reminded me of one of the biggest draws for watching the anime when I was younger. No, it’s not Tuxedo Mask, but he is one of them. I’m talking about the looks many of the characters in the anime wore, and I often imagined myself being able to wear these looks in real life. These ladies have got the look! Take a trip down memory lane with me, or enjoy this list of sensible fashion choices from an anime, as I list my favorite outfits from Sailor Moon.

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Death Of The Sailor Scouts: My Impressions On The Last Two Episodes Of Season One Of The Uncut Sailor Moon Anime

The conclusion to the first season of the uncut Sailor Moon aired last Monday through streaming services Hulu and Neon Alley. Being able to see the last two episodes fully intact and how it should have aired in North America when Sailor Moon first burst onto the scene back in the ’90s was what I have been waiting for my whole life. I wasn’t disappointed either and I found myself deeply affected by the whole viewing experience. Fair warning, the following post will contain spoilers. If you’re interested in watching the series or haven’t seen the episodes, I suggest reading this afterwards.

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Sailor Moon Crystal: First Impressions About The First Episode

The month of July has arrived which means the new anime reboot of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, has also made its debut online over the Fourth of July weekend. The moment you watch the first few minutes of the opening sequence and have been a long time fan of Sailor Moon, you know this isn’t going to be your old school ’90s Sailor Moon anime you grew up with.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer: New Anime, New Look

A few weeks ago, an official trailer for next month’s Sailor Moon anime reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted online. To say that the studio behind this new anime is pulling all the stops to make a faithful adaptation to Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga series would be an understatement. Clearly, there’s a move to set this newer anime of the beloved series apart from its classic ’90s counterpart.

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I Will Punish You: Why I’m Excited About The New Sailor Moon Anime

Just last week an image and some minor details about the upcoming reboot of the Sailor Moon anime has been released. According to Anime News Network, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal will debut in Japan sometime in July and will be available to stream worldwide through the Niconico website. Toei Animation, the same studio that did the first anime series, is behind the new anime. It has been emphasized by producer Atsutoshi Umezawa that this anime is not a remake of the first one, but a completely brand new series that will closely follow Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga series.

It may seem strange to get a whole new reboot of Sailor Moon after all these years, but when it was first announced back in 2012 that Sailor Moon will be getting a revival and it’ll closely adapt the manga series, as it should have been originally, I was ecstatic by the news.

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True Romance: Are Shojo Manga Titles Getting Stale?

There’s something about a good love story that gives the romantic at heart butterflies at the pit of their stomach and leaves you on a euphoric high for days. Having always been a romantic for as long as I can remember, I naturally gravitated towards the shojo manga genre. I consumed almost any title that had a love story, an art style that my eyes couldn’t stop feasting on, or if the title came from a favorite mangaka I adored (or comes highly recommended in shojo manga reading circles).

These days, and as I have stated in a past post, I’ve lost track of the current titles in shojo manga. I’ve been content with sticking to much older and established series to complete my ongoing collection. When there’s an opportunity to check out the manga getting published these days at my local bookstore, I find myself less excited about the current generation of manga.

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Out Of The Loop: How Keeping Up With Current Manga Titles Can Be Overwhelming

Back when I was first introduced to the wide and wonderful world of shojo manga, I lived and breathed anything with romance, beautiful illustrations, and hunky shojo men that are the stuff of fantasy. Among my favorite manga series I’ve read and consider to be absolute classics now are Cardcaptor Sakura, Fushigi Yugi, Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Hana Yori Dango. I used to consider myself to be on the cutting edge of shojo manga. I would know what the latest titles are and what’s soon to come to the U.S. These days, I find my manga reading more stuck in the past and finding myself more lost than I ever was before about what titles I should be adding to my reading collection.

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Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter Project: Help Meet Their Goal For The Month Of November

When it comes to shojo you think of super girly artwork, sweeping romances, and hunky shojo leading men worth drooling over. Shojo is also considered to be a sub-genre of anime and manga that largely targets a female audience. When deciding if I’ll purchase a manga title for my own reading pleasure, I personally find the artwork to capture my attention first before checking the back of the cover to see if the story will ultimately persuade me to purchase it. If you love everything shojo and are in love with the artwork that comes out of this sub-genre, you may want to consider supporting the Kickstarter project of Hana Doki Kira.

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