May Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Final Fantasy IV

Determination, motivation, and effort will almost always propel you forward to finish any task at hand. Even plain stubbornness and a no quit attitude might be enough. I, however, discovered that even if you do set a rather simple goal for yourself, there will be times when you can’t predict the obstacles in your path no matter how prepared you think you are. As the Memorial Day weekend winds down, the month is also close to an end and it’s time to report my progress for this month’s game challenge.

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February Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning

You may recall how I’ve declared to attack my backlog of games by challenging myself to pick one game and sticking with it for the whole month. Depending on the game length, boss difficulty I encounter, and free time I have during the week and weekends, the effort is made with the intention of completing a game to the best of my ability. This may mean I may only complete the main story missions of a game, but not all or any of the side missions. As much as I want to get 100% completion for a game, let’s face it, I don’t have that much time to devote all my availability to doing that. With this month nearly over, I’m here to report my results as I promised.

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Video Game Challenge For February: Game Number One Revealed

In case you haven’t read my post from a few weeks back, I have declared to attack my somewhat massive video games backlog by selecting one game to finish within a month. It’s possible I may take more than a month to finish the game of my choice, depending on a number of factors, like lacking time on the weekends, being stuck on a boss fight, etc. The challenge is made with the best intentions and one I plan on sticking with for the whole year.

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Game Review: Mass Effect

This review is something I’ve been meaning to type up. While everyone in the blogosphere is talking about Mass Effect 3 and the backlash that is the endings to the final game in the series, I’ll be going into my own thoughts about the first game. As a newbie to the Xbox 360 world, I do have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to playing the best games out there. Playing Mass Effect now may be old news for most gamers who have played it since its release in 2007, but it still can be a joy for those who discover it for the first time.

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