Why We Need More Movies Like Mad Max: Fury Road

Last month I saw one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed movies of the summer––Mad Max: Fury Road. Directed and co-written by George Miller, who also co-wrote and directed the original Mad Max films starring a much younger and then unknown movie actor named Mel Gibson, it’s a sort of sequel to the films with actor Tom Hardy now in the role of Mad Max.

The plot of Fury Road is pretty much the same, set in a post-apocalyptic world in a barren desert wasteland, where corruption, totalitarianism, and self-preservation reigns supreme in this grim and harsh landscape. There’s little room, if any, for hope, compassion or goodwill towards men. Max Rockatansky introduces us to this world in the first few minutes of Fury Road’s opening, but the real surprise is when the viewer begins to realize this isn’t really Max’s story. It belongs to Imperator Furiosa. The following post will contain spoilers, so please read at your own discretion.

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Dreamy Lace: Why Lace Is My Current Favorite Fashion Trend

Fashion trends in the last few years have been pretty lackluster for me. Going clothes shopping almost always had me leaving the stores empty handed. Nothing in the clothing racks really excited me or gave me an overwhelming sense of, “Buy me!” This has probably been a good thing for my closet space and wallet. With an upward trend and interest in more softer and feminine styles for the spring and summer seasons lately, I have a reason to get excited about shopping again and finding the clothes I really want to buy. The lace trend is the current addition to the ultra romantic and feminine looks I’ve been seeing making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier.

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Peace, Love, And Bell Sleeves: A ’70s Fashion Style Makes A Comeback

The best advice my mom has ever given to me when it comes to fashion and style is always keep a few items of clothing that aren’t necessarily classic styles in your closet. You’ll never know when something will be in fashion again. It’s a good thing this little piece of advice has stuck with me because one of my favorite fashion looks seem to be making a grand reappearance this spring––the bell sleeves.

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Turn Back Time: Steins;Gate And The Serious Consequences Of Time Travel

If you had a time machine and had the chance to go back in time and do something differently, would you do it? The anime Steins;Gate explores this question in-depth and is the overarching theme of the entire series. Every action has a reaction and every action has consequences. An action that seems small and inconsequential at the time ripples into something much bigger and gravely serious much later. Steins;Gate is like a cautionary tale of why it’s never a good idea to mess with the very fabric of time itself, as it’s like a tapestry––undo one single thread and the whole thing comes apart at the seams until you’re left with trying to desperately piece it back together again, one single stitch at a time.

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Flower Child: Flower Crowns As A Fashion Hair Piece

When it comes to getting ready and going out for the day, I’m the type of person who prefers to put her hair up all the time. I never really like leaving my hair loose unless it’s being styled for special occasions. Putting my hair up always gives me the opportunity to do something fun and different with it. Being a fan of flower accessories, as I have mentioned in an older post about them, it’s a pretty touch to brighten up an otherwise mundane hairstyle. Toss in a flower crown as an upgrade to the flower accessory for your hair and you usher in a new fashion statement for your hairstyle.

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Denim Matching: A Fashion Don’t?

Denim has been a style trend I’ve seen crop up in department stores much more frequently than in previous seasons. From the never out of style classic denim jacket to button down denim shirts. It’s a simple, clean, and all-American look anyone can wear, but is it possible to make yourself a fashion victim by wearing the look wrong? Is matching denim with denim really as bad as some fashion critics say it is?

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Guest Post: Beardliness Is Next To Manliness‏

In support of Voluntine’s Week, C. T. Murphy of Murf vs Internet has written a guest post for my blog! He’s a talented blogger who has guest blogged on simpleek before and he is a fellow contributor for Geek Force Network. Be sure to check out his blog for a variety of interesting topics from video games to personal stories from his own life. Give him a follow on Twitter. Without further ado, kick back and cozy up to this post about the beards he finds the manliest on certain video game characters. I can tell you, the manliest scale is off the charts in this special post!

Beards. Beards are awesome.

Since the dawn of mankind, when our ancestors first discovered the incredible power of length and fullness, beards have been grown in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.

In the 1990s, after years of pixelated confusion, beards in video games could be square no longer. The gaming world was lifted from an abyss of underrepresented manliness and poorly drawn facial hair.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of gaming. Instead, 32-bit beards were simply the prologue to another hairy chapter of beards in gaming history. For man had succeeded in proper facial hair representation––because beards, beards are awesome.

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True Romance: Are Shojo Manga Titles Getting Stale?

There’s something about a good love story that gives the romantic at heart butterflies at the pit of their stomach and leaves you on a euphoric high for days. Having always been a romantic for as long as I can remember, I naturally gravitated towards the shojo manga genre. I consumed almost any title that had a love story, an art style that my eyes couldn’t stop feasting on, or if the title came from a favorite mangaka I adored (or comes highly recommended in shojo manga reading circles).

These days, and as I have stated in a past post, I’ve lost track of the current titles in shojo manga. I’ve been content with sticking to much older and established series to complete my ongoing collection. When there’s an opportunity to check out the manga getting published these days at my local bookstore, I find myself less excited about the current generation of manga.

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The Ultra Thin Down: Stylish But Hardly Warm For A Cold Winter’s Night

If you live any where in the world where you have four seasons and one of those seasons includes winter, you know the temperatures drop down to levels that’s downright freezing. The coming of winter makes people feel more inclined to want to stay in, snuggle up under the covers, and maybe read a book as you sip a steaming mug of hot cocoa or tea. But for those who do have to step out into the biting cold, you need to dress warmly and that usually means sporting a winter jacket. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people shirking the bulky and puffy down jackets for the super sleek, ultra thin down jackets.

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