The Perils Of Stretching A TV Show Too Thin

When a show becomes a huge success, especially when it’s adapted from a popular book, there has been a persistent trend of studios wanting to find ways to extend the life of a show for however long they possibly can. The main motivation, though no one will admit it outwardly, is to make as much money off of the show while it’s still the hottest property on TV. Once the dollar signs start to become the central focus over the strength of the piece, a strong visual narrative that holds together well, you’ll start to notice how quickly a show gets run into the ground for the sake of more money.

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Ties That Bind: My Top 5 Friendships From Television

Valentine’s Day is the one day in February that can either incite excitement, anxiety, bitterness, or indifference. It often places an unfair amount of focus on couples and romantic love which has, over time, been reshaped and redefined to also honor friendships with the ever growing popularity of having Galentine’s Day brunches or parties. While Galentine’s Day is largely considered a day for expressing love to the female friends in your life, it does show that your romantic partner isn’t the only important relationship in your life. Friendships are just as important. In honor of friendships of all kinds, I compiled a list of my favorite TV friendships I have grown to love.

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TV Shows Fall 2016 Watch List: What’s Currently On My Radar

Deciding what new shows to tune into every fall season is often met with a little bit of caution and a dose of pickiness for me. There are so many options and ways to watch TV now that it can be overwhelming to pick a show and stick with one. When I’m not already devoted to one series, I often wonder if giving a new show a shot is worth the time and effort it takes these days to watch anything at all. Dare I open my heart up to a potential new favorite? Well, open my heart up I did and I’m glad I did too. Here’s a short list of what shows I’m absolutely loving from the 2016 fall season.

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Second Chances: Is It Ever Good To Revive A TV Show?

We’ve all experienced the pure magic of watching the pilot of a TV show for the first time and thinking, “This is fantastic. I can’t wait to keep tuning in week after week.” It’s rare these days for most shows to last past a second or third season, but when a show has a chance to stick around for nine seasons like The X-Files or ten seasons like Friends, sometimes we’re sad to see it end but you know it’s time.

With the onslaught of reboots and remakes happening for both film and television, the new trend for this medium is the revival of an old, fan favorite TV show that has long since ended maybe eight or ten years ago. Current examples include the aforementioned The X-Files, Heroes, Full House, and most recently Gilmore Girls. While there is a nostalgia factor driving these shows getting green lit to be revived, especially when most of the original cast of these shows are involved, I truly wonder if it’s better to leave these shows where they belong––in the past.

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