Interview: Kait Gamble Of PAWS

This week’s post is a bit of a rarity on the site, but I interview my good friend and published book author Kait Gamble! Kait is the co-creator of a new mobile app game called PAWS. PAWS is developed by x4pe Studios. What is PAWS? Read my interview with Kait to find out! Follow x4pe on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest on PAWS or any future projects by the studio.

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The Thrill Is Gone: Why App Games Have Become Unappealing For Me

The first time I ever got a smart phone, and I’m sure the experience must be the same for everyone to a certain extent, it was a shiny new toy capable of doing so much more than sending out text messages or making phone calls. You can surf the Internet with it. You can carry it around as your own personal MP3 player without needing an iPod anymore. You can take photos instantly and share them on your social media accounts in seconds. Or you can download and play games on your phone for free. Owning a smart phone has become a device with the convenience and functionality to carry your entire life around in your pocket. As someone who has owned and gone through different smart phones in the last few years, the one thing I’m wanting less on my phone are the mobile app games.

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