Game On: Mass Effect 3 MP (Part 1)

Check out my guest spot for a Game On I did with the guys of At the Buzzer! See how well we did against the Collectors as we play a match of Mass Effect 3 MP. As an added bonus, you’ll finally hear the voice of yours truly. When you’re done watching this video, be sure to check out the rest of their Game Ons. Better yet, visit their website and stay a while. There’s plenty for you to read, watch, and listen to. I guarantee it.

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Shaun, Jason and (eventually) Tech Guy take on enemies from across the galaxy in the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3, with a special guest: simpleek! Can our intrepid heroes survive and reach the extraction point?

Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email. Now that this is a series, we’ve created its own page, which you can see here. It’ll list all the games we’ve done so far and what might be coming next.

It’s time to battle your way to the LZ. Game on.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 3 – Citadel DLC

I know what you are thinking, “Another Mass Effect 3Citadel DLC review? Don’t we have a ton of these on the internet?” Well, yes that’s true, but as someone who loves this series, you will have to suffer through another one. Don’t like it? Then click the back button. Actually, don’t do that. Please stay. I’ll give you a hug if you do! Are you staying? Good. If you can’t tell, I’m coming off of an emotional high right now. It’s a major side effect of playing the DLC. Warning: Will cause your heart to swell with warm and fuzzy feelings and may cause tears to stream down your face. For this review, I will be as spoiler free as I possibly can.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 3 – Omega DLC

Omega is the latest Mass Effect 3 DLC to come out from Bioware. If you played the game upon its release (before the DLC releases), you find out from Aria, the iron fisted ruler of Omega, that she has been ousted by Cerberus. Before Shepard leaves Aria to lick her wounds, she vows to take back Omega. And take it back she does with a vengeance. Aria enlists Shepard’s help to infiltrate Omega and to enact her revenge on Cerberus, specifically on the person responsible for ousting her in the first place––General Oleg Petrovsky, a top-ranking Cerberus agent.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 3 – Leviathan DLC

To pick up a game long after you have completed it is a strange feeling, especially when you know a game developer still has more downloadable content to add onto it. Having owned my Xbox 360 for close to a year has made it an entirely new experience to own a game that still has more content in the making. Mass Effect 3 is a game where I had to revisit my female Shepard again to play the Leviathan DLC.

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You Aren’t a Gamer if You Haven’t Experienced Gamer Rage

I would consider myself an intermediate gamer after getting fully acquainted with games and the gaming world with a little help from my gamer friends. I can’t say I am a total newbie at gaming. I played with my friends’ and family’s consoles when I went over their houses as a kid. Even then, I never had the nagging desire to be a gamer until much later in life with the introduction of motion games and the increasingly well made RPGs you find out there these days.

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Reflecting on Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

To say the original endings for Mass Effect 3 are highly controversial is putting it delicately. When plenty of fans protested for better endings, Bioware answered those calls by making what has been known as the Extended Cut. The people at Bioware didn’t “change” the endings, but gave people a clarification of what the endings mean by giving extra cinematic scenes and an epilogue.

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How I Loathe Thee: The Search For A Compelling Villain

When it comes to a good villain I like my villains to be complicated, more than the villain caricature of mustache twirling and maniacal laughter, and having a catalyst for setting them off onto the road of evil. These components always have me rapt at attention to both hate and sympathize with my villains.

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The Evolution of Mass Effect’s Kaidan Alenko: A Soldier & A Lover

When it comes to Bioware games the draw for playing them are for the story, the characters, and your ability to romance certain characters in the game…if you want to of course. I’ve romanced Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins, Anders from Dragon Age 2, and now Kaidan from the Mass Effect series. At some point I plan on writing a post where I compare these Bioware men and how they rate against each other. For now, this post will focus on my impressions of Kaidan as a love interest. After finishing Mass Effect 3 I realized I have a lot to say about this Alliance military soldier. Any comments I make concerning the romance with Kaidan has been experienced as a female Shepard.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 has no doubt been talked to death in the video game world, mainly because of its controversial endings to what should have been the most epic conclusion of a well constructed science fiction RPG ever made. There’s a lot of feelings running through my mind long after I have finished my own first playthrough of the game last weekend. A lot has to do with the endings and the rest has to do with my emotional responses to the characters and plot. I’m pretty sure this post will be massive and full of spoilers, but I’ll put the appropriate spoiler tags for those who haven’t played or finished the game yet. Although, it’s been hard not to encounter spoilers for this game since the Internet is practically burning with them since its release back in March.

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