Thriller Night: Video Game Moments That Are Unexpectedly Scary Or Creepy

The month of October will conjure a lot of images—pumpkin spice everything, foliage watching, or several rounds of beers at Oktober Fest events in your local area. But nothing screams October quite like Halloween does. Black cats, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, candy, and spooky ghost stories bring out the fun and festive side of Halloween. But if you’re past a certain age where eating candy or dressing up is no longer cool and you’re a gamer, maybe you prefer to celebrate Halloween by staying in and playing a scary video game.

Horror is not my favorite genre, and I have touched upon it before in the now defunct Geek Force Network. But just because you won’t find me playing games like The Evil Within or Silent Hill that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways I could get my own dose of chills and thrills through other video games. Sometimes you may actually play games where you wouldn’t expect to encounter a part that just makes you jump out of your seat a little or leaves you with an uneasy feeling until you get through that one section of the game. In honor of all things that are a little bit frightening, I’ve compiled a short list of gaming moments that gave me the creeps. There also may be some spoilers in the video games I discuss, so proceed with caution.

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You Don’t Have To Play A Horror Video Game To Feel A Rush Of Dread Wash Over You

The folks over at United We Game have decided to do a Simul-tober month where the contributors for the site guest blog on each participating person’s personal blog to write about horror and video games. Halloween is in the month of October, so what better way to celebrate than trade stories about what scares them in games or which horror video games they have played and liked the best. I, unfortunately, am not participating in Simul-tober month at UWG, but I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ own take on the horror genre. Be sure to read them too if you want to get into the spirit of Halloween. One particular post that got me thinking about scares and video games was The Duck of Indeed’s guest post over on CheeeseToastieandVideoGames’ blog.

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The Evolution of Mass Effect’s Kaidan Alenko: A Soldier & A Lover

When it comes to Bioware games the draw for playing them are for the story, the characters, and your ability to romance certain characters in the game…if you want to of course. I’ve romanced Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins, Anders from Dragon Age 2, and now Kaidan from the Mass Effect series. At some point I plan on writing a post where I compare these Bioware men and how they rate against each other. For now, this post will focus on my impressions of Kaidan as a love interest. After finishing Mass Effect 3 I realized I have a lot to say about this Alliance military soldier. Any comments I make concerning the romance with Kaidan has been experienced as a female Shepard.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 2

It’s amazing how quickly (and maybe a little obsessively) I go through games that has me hooked. It definitely wasn’t that long ago since I wrote a review for my thoughts on the first Mass Effect. Now I’m back with another game review for Mass Effect 2.

The Mass Effect series is truly an amazing game to play. The second part of the series makes it even better than the first. When playing Mass Effect 2, you get to import your Commander Shepard from the first game. Actions and decisions you have made in the first game will influence the second game in some way. I enjoy the idea of importing characters from a previous game to have their personalities and actions get shaped even more in a new installment of a series.

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