Video Games Are Supposed To Be Fun…Right?

Video games have always been considered escapist entertainment. You select the game of your choice, fire up the console, and you’re on your way to exploring that mysterious island or fighting against the undead in a zombie apocalypse. The beauty of having so many games to choose from is you can jump from world to world and become a new character each time. Games can be played either solo or with a friend or family member. The point is video games are fun. Or are they?

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An Unconventional Reflection of a Retro Gaming Past (A guest post)

Read the guest blog post I did over at Recollections of Play. I recall my retro gaming past…er…sort of. Reminisce along with me!

Recollections of Play

This week, please give a big, warm welcome to simpleek and her retro gaming memories!  She wrote a fantastic post that’s sure to warm the cockles (cockles??) of your gaming heart. I remember losing more than a few hours to that Aladdin game. And Mario Kart…it was…well, I just, uh — okay look. I’ve never played…a Mario Kart game. [GASP!] There I said it. You happy now?! Sheesh. Never mind about that — read this post and forget we ever spoke. Join simpleek as she vividly shares several entertaining bits from her video game past. (And be sure to check out her blog!)  I, for one, will never look at chicken nuggets the same way again.


I consider myself a gamer these days. Back when I was growing up, I didn’t have a gamer bone in my body. Sure, I had a cousin and friends who owned the…

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Mario cruel to animals?

Today I stumbled upon IGN’s article about PETA pointing its wrath towards everyone’s favorite Italian plumber Mario. According to PETA, the new Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS has a Tanooki suit as one of Mario’s many power ups in the game. PETA believes that Mario wearing a Tanooki suit is somehow Mario’s endorsement for skinning animals and wearing their fur as an acceptable fashion statement. PETA even includes on their article page a mini-game where a Tanooki raccoon dog chases after Mario to try and get its stolen skin back.

I respect animal rights advocates, but this is too much. Why do I feel PETA just wants to find things to gripe about? I think the people at IGN said it best in their article:

And here we thought Mario got the Power-Suit from a Super Leaf that transformed him into Tanooki Mario. Our mistake. I suppose this means he skinned a giant bee for his Bee Suit in Super Mario Galaxy 2… and I tremble to think as to the real source of his bunny ears in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Come on. It’s just a game. I highly doubt kids who play this game are going to start thinking, “Gee, I think I want to go out and skin animals to get my own fur suit because Mario makes it look so cool!” It’s like saying playing violent video games are going to brainwash people into going on a killing rampage. You can’t blame it on one thing alone.

PETA going after Mario and denouncing 3D Land makes them more silly and downright crazy. I’m surprised they didn’t start harping on Mario for the Bee Suit. What about animal cruelty towards bees? Isn’t the bee suit endorsing the skinning of bees to wear their skin as a fashion statement?

Ultimate geeky image for the gamers out there

I wanted to post my review on the Sailor Moon manga, but it’s proving to be an entry in progress. It will have to wait until Monday I think.

I remembered I went to the Nintendo store here in NYC last year when me and a bunch of my friends were just hanging out. I stumbled across this image I took:

This cake is way too awesome to be eaten

How great is this cake? I think the store was celebrating the anniversary of Nintendo. Whoever made this cake, it looks yummy but I would have had a hard time wanting to cut into it and eat it. This is the kind of cake that should be preserved…if it’s even possible.

To all my fellow geeks and gamers, this image is for you!