Let’s Play: Video Games Best Played With Friends Than Solo

Spending a considerable amount of time developing my gaming identity in the last few years as a late bloomer gamer, I can say, like most gamers, I prefer playing solo than seeking out the online multiplayer co-op experience. Most of us want the time and space away from the rest of the world to simply enjoy a game on your own without having to interact and socialize all the time. As more and more games started getting introduced to me, I began realizing there are some games that are impossible to play without having a friend or two to play with. If I didn’t have friends to play certain games with me, I know those games just wouldn’t be played or finished without them. Based on my own personal experience and the games I currently own, I’ve compiled a list of games I wouldn’t play solo without the support of a friend to play with.

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Training Wheels For Video Games–Easy Mode

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I finished the story campaign for Halo: Reach. If some of my readers are huge Halo fans, you must be wondering why am I on Reach when most gamers are onto one of the hottest games of 2012 which is Halo 4? Frankly, Reach was a Christmas gift from a friend last year and it was a good intro into the Halo universe. Or so my friend and cousin (fans of Halo by the way) thought. They weren’t wrong of course.

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