Subscription Boxes: A Box Of Awesome Or A Box Of Clutter?

I don’t necessarily call myself a collector of anything. Collectors often buy cool but expensive action figures, toys, or memorabilia from their favorite video games, TV shows, or movies. The hardcore collectors often have whole shelves or rooms dedicated to their geeky treasure trove of awesome to put on display. Despite not really being a hardcore collector of anything, I’m not entirely opposed to collecting a few trinkets here and there to represent my most geekiest of passions. When my older sister convinced me to give one of those monthly subscription boxes a try, I opted for a three month subscription and I learned quite a few things from having received two boxes so far.

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A Touch Of Geek: Personalizing My Every Day Possessions In Small Ways

I don’t particularly make it obvious how much I love watching anime, read manga, or play video games in my daily fashion choices. It’s a sentiment I have written about before on this blog and on Geek Force Network when the site used to be active. While I may not always show my pride and passion for the leisure hobbies I like to pursue during my spare time, it doesn’t mean I haven’t found smaller ways to convey my enjoyment of them.

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Five Things All Convention Goers Must Know Before Attending One

I’m back from vacation feeling refreshed and ready to bring you more content on my blog. It just so happens that this weekend is New York Comic Con and I’ll be attending it once again! I’ve been going to NYCC for the last three or four years maybe? I would consider myself a seasoned convention goer by now. Well, I do need to expand my convention attendance beyond NYCC, but I’ll get there. Conventions like NYCC, no matter where you go, is literally the social event of the year for all geeks all over the world. It’s considered geek mecca. It’s our sacred place, our oasis, our––well, you get the idea.

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The Future Is––GFN

If you have visited my blog recently, you may notice that the right hand sidebar now features a square logo with “GFN” in big letters. You must also be wondering, “What the hell is GFN?” I’m so glad you asked! GFN stands for Geek Force Network. That’s right. The simpleek blog is now a proud member of the Geek Force Network. The basic gist of GFN is uniting a bunch of talented, silly, and maybe a little crazy group of bloggers, podcasters, and video producers under one roof to bring all you wonderful people out there the best in geeky content.

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Dreaming in anime

Here’s my random/geeky musing of the day––ever wish your life were an anime? This question is obviously more for my anime/manga fans out there.

I always imagine different scenarios or situations in my every day life becoming this really cute and comedic anime episode. I would think about an anime version of myself doing wacky or cute things that you would see other anime characters do.

I’m a very affectionate person by nature and love to hug my friends and family whenever I can. I like to be playful and I enjoy laughing at things. I would embody the anime character who skips happily onto a scene with hearts or flowers following wherever I went, a la Hunny-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club.

I'm cute and you know it!

But then I also embody the silent, mysterious type who sits in the corner of the library and reads by herself. I make people wonder about who I am if they don’t know me too well. You could say I’m a combination of playful/happy/calm/silent all wrapped into one. I wonder if there is such an anime character out there.

My cousin once said I’m almost like Chiyo-chan of Azumanga Daioh. He said whatever I do or say ends up coming out cute. It’s so cute that he wants to hug or pinch me sometimes. It’s kind of like how Chiyo-chan’s classmates view her if anyone is at all familiar with the anime. Luckily, I don’t wear pigtails and I’m not as short as her. And I’m not 10, but my guy friends like to tease me about looking like a 12 year-old than an adult in her 20s.

Living a technianime life sounds more interesting and fun. It would certainly make real life less mundane. Has anyone ever thought about this? Is there an anime character you are most like?