Attacking The Backlog: Playing One Video Game A Month Challenge

I enjoy playing video games, really, I do. It has been hard to get motivated to play when you either don’t have enough time or you feel like doing other things. We all know backlogs are the bane of every gamer’s existence. We simply don’t know how to lessen the backlog of games waiting for their turn in the spotlight to be played, or waiting to be finished in general.

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You Aren’t a Gamer if You Haven’t Experienced Gamer Rage

I would consider myself an intermediate gamer after getting fully acquainted with games and the gaming world with a little help from my gamer friends. I can’t say I am a total newbie at gaming. I played with my friends’ and family’s consoles when I went over their houses as a kid. Even then, I never had the nagging desire to be a gamer until much later in life with the introduction of motion games and the increasingly well made RPGs you find out there these days.

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The Three Symptoms of a Gamer

As I slowly got into gaming, I started exhibiting what I call the symptoms of a gamer. My gamer friends have warned me that I will, and sure enough I have. Here’s the three I have experienced. Maybe there are others I haven’t experienced or I’m missing, but these three stick out in my mind the most.

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I am a one console kind of…oh wait

I wasn’t always a gamer. I have friends who have been gaming since coming out of the womb if that is even possible. My friends are hardcore gamers and they can talk about classic games from the good ‘ol days when we were growing up. Their eyes take on that far away look, you know that look they get when they have gone somewhere else and it takes some time to bring them back, as they reminisce about their first time playing Pac-Man or Mario with an overflow of childhood nostalgia.

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Ultimate geeky image for the gamers out there

I wanted to post my review on the Sailor Moon manga, but it’s proving to be an entry in progress. It will have to wait until Monday I think.

I remembered I went to the Nintendo store here in NYC last year when me and a bunch of my friends were just hanging out. I stumbled across this image I took:

This cake is way too awesome to be eaten

How great is this cake? I think the store was celebrating the anniversary of Nintendo. Whoever made this cake, it looks yummy but I would have had a hard time wanting to cut into it and eat it. This is the kind of cake that should be preserved…if it’s even possible.

To all my fellow geeks and gamers, this image is for you!

Giving up the Nintendo DS, 3DS, or PSP? Unthinkable!

I read some interesting articles about the portable gaming systems on CNET today. Both articles found here and here argue that portable gaming systems will most likely become obsolete in light of the attractive gaming market targeted for the Android and iOS. The main point of both articles is that the portable systems for Nintendo and Sony can’t compete in the generation of smartphones where everything is an all-in one package. Another point the articles make is the portables tend to be expensive and the games you want to buy with them aren’t any cheaper either. Most games found on an Android or iOS can be downloaded off the App Marketplace for free if no one feels like slapping down the extra cash to buy a game. Just simply browse the marketplace, find the game you want to play, and then hit download. Within seconds you will be gaming your way through Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja in no time.

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