Thriller Night: Video Game Moments That Are Unexpectedly Scary Or Creepy

The month of October will conjure a lot of images—pumpkin spice everything, foliage watching, or several rounds of beers at Oktober Fest events in your local area. But nothing screams October quite like Halloween does. Black cats, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, candy, and spooky ghost stories bring out the fun and festive side of Halloween. But if you’re past a certain age where eating candy or dressing up is no longer cool and you’re a gamer, maybe you prefer to celebrate Halloween by staying in and playing a scary video game.

Horror is not my favorite genre, and I have touched upon it before in the now defunct Geek Force Network. But just because you won’t find me playing games like The Evil Within or Silent Hill that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways I could get my own dose of chills and thrills through other video games. Sometimes you may actually play games where you wouldn’t expect to encounter a part that just makes you jump out of your seat a little or leaves you with an uneasy feeling until you get through that one section of the game. In honor of all things that are a little bit frightening, I’ve compiled a short list of gaming moments that gave me the creeps. There also may be some spoilers in the video games I discuss, so proceed with caution.

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The Heart Of A Lion: Charting The Character Development And Romance Of Cullen In Dragon Age

My first introduction with Bioware games started with Dragon Age: Origins. I immediately got swept up in the idea of choices, how your choices affect the world around you, and having the ability to build bonds of friendship or romance with key companions in your game. Some characters will have you sit up and take notice, like Alistair of Origins did for me, and other characters will easily have you forgetting them just as soon as you met them. It wasn’t always love at first sight between Cullen and I, but that all changed when he became a key supporting character and romance option for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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DAI Inquisitor’s Log: Story, Exploration, & Glitches

Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t quite a month old yet, but I have been diligently plugging away hours into my first run with the game. There’s so much to do and not enough time in the day to get to it all. The rare and fortunate times I’ve had to myself on weekends to marathon the game hasn’t been close to putting a dent in the game. In spite of feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of areas and side missions to explore and do, I’ve made some small successes in moving the story forward. Fair warning, there will be some spoilers ahead after the cut. Read at your own discretion.

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DAI Inquisitor’s Log: First Impressions & Prologues

The release of Dragon Age: Inquisition has come and gone and most of us has already dove in, head first, into the game. If you’ve been following my video game challenges on this blog, you’ll know I’ve given myself the ultimate challenge of completing as much of Inquisition for the rest of the year. Because the size and scale of this game is more massive than the previous installments of the Dragon Age series, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts known as the DAI Inquisitor’s Log. I’ll chart my progress with the game and provide my overall thoughts on it as I progress. Let’s see how I did on my first week with the game.

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The Men of Bioware: Their Romance Arcs, Personalities, & How They Measure Against Each Other Pt. II

Welcome to the second part of my post concerning the men of Bioware. Last post I went into detail about the personalities and romances of Alistair, Anders, and Kaidan. In this second part, I’ll be comparing and offering my opinion about who I most enjoyed romancing out of the three.

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The Men of Bioware: Their Romance Arcs, Personalities, & How They Measure Against Each Other Pt. I

There is no questioning how much I’m a Bioware fangirl. I enjoy the storytelling, the worlds, the characters, and the romance. After doing at least one playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and all three of the Mass Effect games I have formulated some strong opinions about the Bioware men I have romanced thus far. The men I’m talking about are Alistair of Dragon Age: Origins, Anders of Dragon Age 2, and Kaidan Alenko of the Mass Effect series. All three men have their pros and cons as characters and romance options, and I’ll get into what those are in part one of this post. This has been a post I’ve been working on for months. There is a lot to say and discuss about these characters, which is why this post has to be broken up into two parts.

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The Playable RPG Character––Voice Acted vs. Non-Voice Acted

RPGs are great games to play. You take full control of a character, and you are off on your adventure. A lot of these games involve exploration of massive worlds and interaction with exotic creatures or races. You also get games where you are given options to play as a male or female, and you get to choose the class or background of your playable character.

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RPGs are an addiction

Becoming a gamer has opened up a wealth of games I am delighting in getting to know or fall in love with. I’ve already made it known on this blog about my love for Dragon Age more times than I can count. There are some additional Dragon Age related posts I would like to write in the future once I get my ideas for them in order. Before I became a Dragon Age fanatic, I found myself in love with RPGs or role-playing games in general. From open worlds like Dragon Age: Origins to more linear action RPG games like Kingdom Hearts, I enjoy them all.

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How a video game like Dragon Age: Origins left a lasting impression on me

I guess you can call this post a review/opinion piece, but I think it’s more opinion than anything. I won’t be going into too much detail about the game mechanics. You can pretty much find more traditional reviews about the game on the Internet. Believe me, there is a lot of it if you Google the game in the search box. People have already played this game to death since its 2009 release. I only just discovered this game this year and it was the only game to convince me to get an Xbox 360. A pretty huge feat to do, no? The post is largely going to reflect my experience playing this game and how I felt.

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Fanfiction, a place where the story doesn’t have to end

Back when Sailor Moon was widely popular during my junior high and into high school days, I was obsessed with the manga and anime. I would comb through the Internet to find images from the series to collect and post in a scrapbook I used to keep. The beautiful images were something my eyes would devour.

I remember during my searches how I stumbled upon what looked to be fanmade stories that took the characters from the anime/manga and made their own continuation of the Sailor Moon universe. Sometimes the stories wouldn’t be based off of what Naoko Takeuchi had already written. Some would just write what was called alternate universe/reality stories where the scouts and Tuxedo Mask were every day normal people with lives and problems just like us. This was my first introduction to fanfiction.

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