May Update: What I Have Been Playing, Reading, And Watching

As the weather warms up and optimism grows around the U.S. over a successful vaccine rollout, there’s potential in the air that the rest of 2021 can be salvaged. While I am one of the many eager to step out of self-hibernation and into the world once more, the past few months has been good for video games, reading, and watching. Here’s a brief roundup of what has been keeping me entertained until those summer vibes eventually lure me away from the comfort of my own home.

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Movie Review: Frozen 2

Sequels to critically acclaimed films can often come with a little trepidation. They can either be really really good or very very bad. Most of the time it’s the latter rather than the former. It’s no secret that Hollywood has a current love affair with sequels and reboots. Frozen 2, the sequel to 2013’s surprise Disney hit Frozen, was an inevitability even if the movie didn’t get made immediately after the first. Though Frozen 2, like Toy Story 4, wasn’t a movie we necessarily needed, the powers that be at the House of Mouse knew how to employ good writers to come up with a continuation of a story we didn’t know we wanted until now.

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Choices, Choices: The Overwhelming Glut Of Online Streaming Services

Remember the good old days when choosing what to watch on TV was a far simpler decision to make? Since there were only a handful of noteworthy TV shows, it was much easier to stick to one and watch it until the end. Nowadays, you’re lucky if you can finish one.

It’s good to have choices, but when there are far too many to choose from, you wind up deciding it’s better you don’t choose anything at all. This is the current conundrum facing most consumers with the amount of streaming services and various content now available to everyone who has a reliable Internet connection.

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Accept Differences, Challenge Stereotypes, And Never Give Up: Lessons From Disney’s Zootopia

I’ve always been a kid at heart and I doubt it’ll ever change the older I get. When there’s a good animated feature currently showing at my local movie theater, I’m not ashamed to express an interest in watching it and actually going to the movies to see it. The recent offerings from Disney––Frozen, Big Hero 6, and its latest film Zootopia, has gotten me excited about seeing more from the House of Mouse. It seems like Disney is investing in more stories with powerful messages that actually teaches kids something more meaningful, while still being the fun and colorful Disney films we tend to expect from their brand. Zootopia is no different in joining this lineup of great storytelling in a kid’s movie.

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Big Hero 6: More Than Just Your Regular Kids Flick

A few weeks ago I watched Disney’s latest film Big Hero 6, which is based off of a lesser known Marvel Comic series. The film follows a boy named Hiro Hamada and his inflatable nurse robot named Baymax on their journey to become the most unlikely superheroes in the city of San Fransokyo. What I expected was a fun popcorn romp with your usual Disney fluff. What I didn’t expect was the touch of seriousness this movie would go in their dealings with death, loss, and the grieving process. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t wish to be spoiled, go and watch the movie and then return to this article. The movie is worth watching.

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Disney’s Frozen Isn’t Your Typical Story About True Love

There’s something about a Disney film that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s the animation. Maybe it’s the musical numbers. Or maybe it’s the feeling of being a kid again, whether I watch classics from my childhood like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, or the latest films like Toy Story or Tangled. Usually if it’s a Disney film, I’m bound to be swept away.

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