Manga Review: Codename Sailor V – Volume 2

Being a Warrior of Justice isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes sacrifices and hard decisions have to be made for the good of all mankind. Volume 2 of Codename Sailor V is the final book in Naoko Takeuchi’s short series that follows the adventures of bubbly teenager Minako Aino who was simply Sailor V before she became Sailor Venus of the Sailor Scouts in the Sailor Moon saga. As a warning for those who have yet to read this series, there will be some spoilers in my discussion of this volume. Only read this review after you have read the series or don’t mind spoilers.

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Codename Sailor V – I Want Candy!

Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, and while I personally could care less about this red and pink hearts day for lovers, I am doing a fun post in honor of it. As I currently read Volume 2 of Codename Sailor V, the very first chapter had a Valentine’s Day centric story in the volume.

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Manga Review: Codename Sailor V – Volume 1

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but I wanted to do a special Sunday post as I won’t be able to do this then. I actually wanted to do a Christmas themed post, but I came up empty. Instead, I will be doing a manga review for Codename Sailor V – Volume 1. Hope you enjoy!

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Revisiting the Sailor Moon manga

When I first saw on Amazon that the Sailor Moon manga was going to be re-released under Kodansha Comics in the USA, I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to go through the trouble of buying the whole series again. I did read somewhere on the web that Kodansha will be revamping the translations and keeping the Japanese names of all the characters and the Japanese cultural references, instead of Americanizing it for the U.S. market like the now defunct Tokyopop did.

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