Manga Collecting: To Complete Or Not To Complete?

The end of junior high and into the start of high school began my love for anime and manga. It was around the time the Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z anime have crossed over into North America and found an audience of young kids discovering, perhaps for the very first time, an entirely different style of animation that came from Japan. Anime and even manga were still pretty new to Americans at the time. The amount of series that arrived over here were few and far between, but the ones that did were the kind that felt as if you had discovered buried treasure. They were just that good. As more anime and manga titles started getting imported for young American kids to find, the more I gradually added to my own personal collection.

I’ve been an avid manga collector ever since they became accessible at bookstores and comic shops. I devoured every shojo manga I could find and always looked for anything that had a good story and memorable characters that stuck with me. But the older I got, the more my collecting tendencies dwindled. The reason mostly stemmed from not having enough money to buy all the books to complete the set. Now that money has sort of become less of an issue, where does a manga collector go from here?

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The Girl Got Spunk – Tsukushi Makino Of Hana Yori Dango

Plenty of anime/manga blogs have probably discussed Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) or Tsukushi Makino quite a bit already. Tsukushi is one of the few characters in anime and manga who isn’t your typical dainty and demure shojo heroine. In fact, she tries to be the type of girl who keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t do anything to rock the boat at the beginning of the manga when she starts attending Eitoku Academy. Tsukushi is interested in keeping her head down and blending into the background. She just wants to get through high school without any trouble or hiccups. As we all know, life is never that simple.

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Shojo Girls Go Weak For A Jerk With A Heart Of Gold

When reading manga, I noticed a common personality trait for a lot of male love interests is the idea of a jerk who treats the main character like crap only to find out later that the guy is truly a kind, caring, and decent person. The male love interest reveals to the reader as well as the character herself that he isn’t as horrible and mean spirited as you first thought. These guys have to hide who they truly are because of circumstances, personal views, bad experiences, and other scenarios you can think of. What makes these men who are seemingly jerks in the beginning end up hiding the side of themselves most girls would want to uncover?

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