simpleek Levels Up: New Site Address & Slightly Different Look

Running a blog for five years, like I have, is a huge deal. I never really expected to keep it going for this long. I just wanted a public space to call my own to express myself and connect with similar individuals who are just as passionate about the hobbies and interests I enjoyed. Seeing as there’s no plans to retire from my blogging gig any time soon, I decided it’s time to upgrade simpleek.

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A February Overview: simpleek’s Geeky Agenda For The Month

We are already in the second month of 2017 and finding plenty of time to do everything I set out to do has been a challenge. I am not off to a great start with the novel writing goal I set for myself this year and will have to figure out how to stay on track with that somehow. Certain other goals have been pushed to the top of my priority list until I can finally get those finished. This doesn’t mean I don’t indulge on the much leisurely side of things and making time for this blog as I go along. Those are very much a necessity for me. I decided to give everyone a taste of what I have been doing behind the scenes and what I hope to continue doing this month.

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A Fresh Start: 2017 Hopes And What’s Coming For The Blog

The collective mood towards the end of 2016 has been somber. Just about everyone couldn’t wait for the year to end and wrote it off as a year that can burn in the fiery pits of hell where it belongs. In many ways, people aren’t wrong. Our world seems to grow increasingly uncertain and scary based on what you hear and see on the news. I always try to be hopeful in the new year. I may not be able to control what’s going on around me, but I can control how I live my life. The best approach? Live your life on your own terms and make sure you’re surrounded by people who will continue to help you along the way. If something or someone drags you down, then it’s time to subtract or remove yourself from what hinders you. We’re only a few days into 2017, but there’s a number of things I’m looking forward to.

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simpleek Hits The Five Year Mark: Blogging And Other Reflections

November is a special month and it isn’t because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in America. It’s the month simpleek was born and my blogging journey began.

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An October & Beyond Overview For The Blog

Entering the month of October for most people means there’s a lot going on from anticipated video game releases to more fall shows returning or debuting for the first time on television. October for me and the blog will be an especially busy time and I want to outline what you can expect from me this month.

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2015 End Of The Year Reflections & A New Year Hiatus

There’s something about the end of the year and birthdays that always puts me in a reflective state of mind. Maybe it’s because I have a tendency to go inward a lot and I’m not afraid to take an honest look at how I did this year or how I’m doing so far, as far as personal growth and life goals go. I always find something hopeful about the promise of a new year or age because I see them as an opportunity to do something differently with my life or change the course of my current direction if I’m not happy with where I’m at or where I’m going. It’s time I close out 2015 with an end of the year reflection for my blog.

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More Vacations & Posts To Watch For

I like to follow the rule of working hard and playing hard. Maintaining a blog I do for my own personal enjoyment with no monetary gain requires just as much hard work as doing my day job (the one that actually provides me with a regular salary) does. It’s rare for me to take a break from doing my blog. I only post once a week. It won’t kill me to keep doing it, you know? The only time I do allow myself the luxury of a break is when I’ll be away from home and the computer for an extended amount of time. Once again, as of today, I’m going on vacation.

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Leaving On A Jet Plane: Blog Hiatus

The title of this post is pretty straight forward. I will be leaving on a jet plane because I’m flying to another state for vacation starting next week. While I will have easy access to the Internet through a smartphone and another electronic device (mainly because I’m not going out of the country this time), I simply don’t want to do much of anything on a vacation.

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A blogger’s New Year’s resolution

Happy 2012 to everyone! Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions to start off 2012? I have a few on my list right now. Some are to help improve myself and others are more to do-lists for things I have been procrastinating on for a long time now that should be done. Among my New Year’s resolutions is for this blog.

My blog is now two months old since I’ve started it back in November. I really enjoy coming up with things to write about and share with everyone out there in the blogosphere. I’ve probably said this more than once, but I am grateful for the small amount of followers I get for my blog. I hope more people will find this blog, enjoy what they read, and my blog will gain additional followers in the new year.

With that said, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to improve my blog. Writing a post every day is no easy task as I have learned in the two months of doing it. Sometimes I come up with great things I want to discuss and other times I draw a blank. I end up forcing myself to write anything to just have something up for that day. Usually when that happens I end up not liking the post I write or I wish I could have done it better.

As a New Year’s resolution for Simpleek, I plan on taking my time with my posts so that quality will rule over quantity. This doesn’t mean I will take months or several weeks to update. I decided I need to limit my post count to something more manageable. Having a hectic schedule during the week and finding time to do this in between every single day is too much after a while. I plan on trying for two posts a week updates. I’m going to aim to have a post up at the beginning of the week, which is Monday and then have another post to end the week, which is Friday. I’ll do my best to be consistent with the days I post. If you don’t want to miss anything, you know how to follow my blog.

I also want to do more in-depth analysis type posts, which will take some time to write but I want it to be engaging. Those type of posts can’t be rushed and at times require some research to be done. My blog will still have much of the same stuff I already talk about now, but only two days in a week. Considering my interests include video games, anime/manga, and fashion what I write for those two days in a week will kind of be like a surprise for the reader. You really won’t know what to expect week after week.

Limiting the post count and focusing more on how well I write the content will help alleviate some of the pressure to write every single day without sacrificing a potentially good read. It also gives me time to tackle things I want to review and comment on, but never seem to have the time to do it in. I also believe it will reduce the likelihood of me running out of good topics to write about. Sometimes less is more. I hope you all will agree too.