A Ray Of Sunshine: The Sunshine Blogger Award

One of the most rewarding things about blogging is its community. The simple act of reading, commenting, and following other bloggers, whose interests are similar to your own, leads you to life long friends and supporters you never would have connected with otherwise. And what’s especially great about the WordPress community is the overwhelming warmth and kindness that unfailingly greets you every time you come online, which can sometimes inspire your fellow peers to nominate you for a blogging award.

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An October & Beyond Overview For The Blog

Entering the month of October for most people means there’s a lot going on from anticipated video game releases to more fall shows returning or debuting for the first time on television. October for me and the blog will be an especially busy time and I want to outline what you can expect from me this month.

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Double Award Nominations: Liebster Blog Award & Creative Blogger Award

As someone who has been blogging for three years, it never ceases to amaze me when there are still other fellow bloggers who kindly wish to say, “Hey, your blog is awesome,” by nominating it for blog awards. I’ve been nominated for two and I wish to take this week to finally acknowledge them and show my sincerest thanks.

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We Are A Family: WordPress Family Award

Let it be known that 2013 has been a big year for blog awards on simpleek. There’s just so many amazing bloggers who are just too kind and really very talented. The always awesome and lovable Cary of Recollections of Play has awarded me with the WordPress Family Award.

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Liebster Blog Award: One Year Later

I am quite shocked that my blog seems to be getting nominated quite heavily this year alone. The duo over at Comparative Geeks were kind enough to list me as one of their choices to give this award to. You might be wondering why the title of my post has the “one year later” part tacked on. Well, it’s because I was already nominated for this award back when my blog was new and fledgling.

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Isn’t She Lovely: One Lovely Blog Award

For my usual Monday post, I’m going to address a blog award nomination I received! This also means you’ll learn more useless (useful?) facts about me. The always wonderful Crystal K.M. of PhoenixDown decided to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog Award which I wholeheartedly accept and thank her for.

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Bright, Sunshiney Day – Sunshine Blogger Award

There seems to be a blogger award season going around lately. Whenever I scroll through my reader feed on WordPress, there’s usually one or two bloggers I follow who have gotten nominated for a blog award. The lovely honor has now been bestowed upon me with the Sunshine Blogger Award!

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