Duolingo: The App Game That’s Fun And Educates

Almost everyone owns a smartphone. An entire life, both personal and professional, resides in that slim glowing gadget in your hand. We use apps to manage our day-to-day or to keep us occupied when you’re stuck on a semi-long commute to work on a bus or train. When game apps, especially free to download ones, were a huge thing in the early days of smartphones, it was the kind of mindless distraction you wanted to have with a tap of a finger. Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Fruit Ninja were among the earlier app games that were simple to play in 10 to 20 minute bursts. It achieved the goal these games were meant to do––make the time go faster when you’re in the middle of a not so fun task or situation. Now we’re overwhelmed by so many similar game apps that it’s hard to keep track of. Over time, you become less invested in these game apps until they start collecting digital dust on your phone from lack of use. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really want to own mindless simplistic apps that serves no real purpose in my daily life. I needed an app game that’s entertaining but with a purpose. This is when Duolingo entered my digital life.

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Interview: Kait Gamble Of PAWS

This week’s post is a bit of a rarity on the site, but I interview my good friend and published book author Kait Gamble! Kait is the co-creator of a new mobile app game called PAWS. PAWS is developed by x4pe Studios. What is PAWS? Read my interview with Kait to find out! Follow x4pe on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest on PAWS or any future projects by the studio.

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Scarecrow Samurai – An Indie Game In Development

Indie games have proven to be serious business next to the big wig, mainstream games from well known developers like Valve, Bioware, or 2K Games to name a few. If the indie developers have passion for their project and a good idea, then it is possible to make a great game on little to no budget at all. The reward is the hope that a free-to-play indie game will catch on and become popular enough with players along the same vein as perhaps the Angry Birds franchise?

A few days ago, I received a pretty detailed message from Milisav Bankovic, lead designer and artist of Kobayaghi Industries. He asked if I can write a short post about a project their company is doing called Scarecrow Samurai.

Scarecrow Samurai (Image taken from http://kobayaghi.com/games)
Scarecrow Samurai (Image taken from http://kobayaghi.com/games)

The game is set in Japan where you play as a scarecrow samurai that needs to protect the very first wheat crop planted in Japan from being destroyed by an evil warlord known as Kobayaghi. It’s a game that is currently being developed as a free-to-play Android and online browser game. The game has plenty of different features. The following is what Mr. Bankovic has detailed in his message about the game:

Game Features:

– Play as a scarecrow-samurai demon in Android and free-to-play browser game. Point and click on enemies or in their vicinity to attack them.
– Each level brings new types of enemies and possibilities for upgrades.
– Different climate conditions follow the change of seasons.
– Night missions.
– Ability to summon your sidekick (NPC).
– Special skills/powers.
– Boss fights.
– Introduction to every level.
– Animated cinematics with narration.
– Original score.
– English and Japanese language option.

If you are interested in reading more about their game and to get a quick preview of Scarecrow Samurai, visit their Kickstarter page here. If you like what you see, you can help fund the game at the Kickstarter page by pledging at least $1. Their goal is to reach $6,000 by December 28.

The game has promise from what I have seen on their page. I’m also liking their concept of breaking up the levels into seasons, where your character gets to defeat different enemies during that season. Once the season ends, you will have to do a boss fight. It’s definitely an indie game to keep an eye on.