Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Special & Redux): Phoenix Wright – Trials and Tribulations

When you set out to accomplish a goal for yourself, you often have to expect the unexpected and be flexible. What I’ve learned from doing my video game challenges is to be open to what life throws at you and make the necessary adjustments to work around sudden developments to still be able to achieve what you want to do. My most recent challenge involved a lot of adjustments because of vacations and other responsibilities cropping up, but I sorted through all of them to make finishing this particular game something I wouldn’t allow myself to neglect anymore. Let me say that persistence and determination will always win no matter what happens in your life. That being said, it’s finally time to report on my progress with Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.

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An Unconventional Video Game Progress Report With A Dash Of Honesty

Challenges don’t really scare me. I take them on because I’m either trying to prove something to myself or there’s something I want to accomplish. Video game challenges are obviously smaller and won’t have a huge impact on my life, whether I finish them or not. Yet, I keep doing them because they’re a fun kind of challenge and it keeps me focused on completing one video game at a time. Unfortunately, I may have juggled too many balls in the air for almost two months to get my current challenge done.

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Video Game Challenge (Special Edition): Game Number Eleven Revealed, Two Months Combined, And A Redux

Judging from the title of this post, you probably guessed my next video game challenge will be rather special and different. It’s not so much the video game I’m selecting is special, unlike when I did Dragon Age: Inquisition for my challenge, it’s more like the circumstances surrounding my next challenge is.

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Video Game Challenge For October: Game Redux

A brand new month brings forth a new video game challenge. Well, seeing as it’s October, it also means Halloween is around the corner but we’re not talking about that at all. October does bring me one step closer to Dragon Age: Inquisition! It’s coming in November, people. So EXCITED!

I’ve given a lot of thought on how to approach this month’s challenge. Do I start a new game again or go back to a game I failed to finish the first time I took the challenge? Considering the look and shape of my video game challenges will change once Dragon Age is out next month, I decided to go back to basics and do another game redux.

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Vacations & August Video Game Challenge Progress Report

There seems to be a trend going on that whenever there’s an uptick in unexpected social activity on my calendar and a vacation looming up ahead in the coming weeks, my poor video game challenges tend to fall to the wayside. You can probably tell where I’m going with this post.

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Video Game Challenge For August: Game Number Five Revealed

Summer is nearly over and so is most of the year already. I’ve played four games in total and managed to successfully complete three out of the four I’ve played. It may not seem like much, but I feel like my backlog is getting just a little lighter with each game I choose for my challenges. Even when the end of the year suddenly sneaks up on us when we aren’t looking, there will always be games to be played. This month’s challenge will take me to a different device and a game that’s more character and story driven like last month’s challenge.

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Hold it! Ace Attorney Movie Trailer Debuts Online

Following comic retail stores like Midtown Comics on Facebook, they shared the link to the trailer for the new Takashi Miike helmed Phoenix Wright live action film based on Capcom’s Ace Attorney games. Have a look below:

Japanese actor Hiroki Narimiya is in the role of defense attorney Phoenix Wright and playing the overly confident prosecuting attorney Miles Edgeworth is actor Takumi Saito.

After watching the trailer, I can see that Miike is making what looks to be a very faithful adaptation of the video games. If anyone has ever played the Ace Attorney games, everything from the look of the characters to the gestures that is characteristic to both Wright and Edgeworth are exactly how you would know them in the games.

I do have some mixed feelings about a live action Ace Attorney movie. It is exciting to see the very intriguing characters of the games come to life, however, I do find the exact faithfulness of the hair and costumes for Edgeworth, Wright, Maya, Lotta Hart, etc. to be a bit absurd. It works well in an animated game space, but on the actors themselves it looks very unreal and unnatural. I think I would have been much happier if a studio in Japan announced an Ace Attorney anime. Ace Attorney would have made more sense as an anime rather than a live action movie. After playing an Ace Attorney game, I always thought it would make a good anime series with high quality voice actors attached to the project.

Despite my mixed feelings over the trailer, I will be watching the movie either way if it ever gets a stateside DVD release. If not, I’m pretty sure I can scour the web and find a fan-subbed version after it comes out.

What does everyone else think? Do you think Ace Attorney makes sense as a live action film? Or would it have been better as an anime? Voice your own opinions in the comments section.