Ties That Bind: My Top 5 Friendships From Television

Valentine’s Day is the one day in February that can either incite excitement, anxiety, bitterness, or indifference. It often places an unfair amount of focus on couples and romantic love which has, over time, been reshaped and redefined to also honor friendships with the ever growing popularity of having Galentine’s Day brunches or parties. While Galentine’s Day is largely considered a day for expressing love to the female friends in your life, it does show that your romantic partner isn’t the only important relationship in your life. Friendships are just as important. In honor of friendships of all kinds, I compiled a list of my favorite TV friendships I have grown to love.

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ABC’s Once Upon A Time Spins Fairy Tales In A Different Way

ABC’s hit fantasy drama show Once Upon A Time is currently in its third season run, and to say the show is taking all sorts of twists and turns with the characters of Storybrooke is an understatement. Considering this show is created by the writing team of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who came out of another successful and popular TV show (Lost), then you can see where they might have gotten their influences from. If you aren’t currently swept under the spell of Once, making the attempt to jump in now would have you feeling…lost.

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Geeking out over…ABC’s Once Upon a Time

This entry is what I would like to call the first in my Geeking Out series where I will be giving a very detailed opinion on what is particularly high on my Geek-o-meter these days. To kick it off, I want to write about ABC’s new fall show of the season Once Upon a Time.

The show comes from two Lost alums Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. As a lot of critics have been saying about the show, it’s fairytale meets real world. Being a huge fan of Lost when it was still airing on ABC, Once is a very character driven show with a large story canvas to work with just like Lost. What made Lost a really great show was the characters. They were relatable and you cared about what happened to them. I feel this is the case for Once Upon a Time.

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