Guest Blogger Showcase

Here are a collection of the bloggers who have contributed an article for simpleek, as well as my own contributions on other blogs. Please take a look at these talented writers and follow them! If you are interested in contributing a post for simpleek, feel free to contact me at the provided follow & contact buttons on the right hand side of my blog.

Guest Blogger Contributions for simpleek:

Murf vs Internet – Posts by C. T. Murphy

1. Gaming’s Best Costumes: The Five Best Recurring Character Themes You Can’t Miss

2. Guest Post: Beardliness Is Next To Manliness

CheeeseToastieandVideoGames Anime That Made Me Think by Sam Leung

Elite Gaming Computers – 10 Tips For Gamers Who Are Building Their First Computers by Brent Hale

Recollections of Play – The Fashionable Fable 3 by Cary

Robo♥Beat – Manga for Beginners: My Journey into the Big, Mad World of Japanese Comics by Ashley Hagood

Anime Science 101The Light Hawk Wings by Christopher Meharg

Guest Blogger Contributions by Me:

Guest Post: Simpleek on Temple Run for Murf vs Internet

Guest Post: Disney City Girl – Delusions of Grandeur and Reinforcing the Same Old Stereotypes? for CheeeseToastieandVideoGames

An Unconventional Reflection of a Retro Gaming Past (A guest post) for Recollections of Play

As The World Falls Down – A Labyrinth Retrospective for Robo♥Beat