General Blog Info

How often do you update your blog?

A: I used to try and update my blog twice a week, usually Mondays and Fridays. However, working full-time and having a life outside of the blogosphere has made it increasingly difficult to do this now. At the very least, I update every Mondays now. Twice a week has been reduced to once a week. No matter how busy my life gets, I want to be able to give my readers and followers a consistent update window. It also helps to focus on one good post from week to week.

What do you write about?

A: I write on a variety of topics such as anime, manga, video games, and sometimes fashion. I have a lot of interests, so I think there’s something for everyone to read and enjoy.

Do you own the images you use on your blog entries?

A: I may not make this clear on a lot of my posts, but any of the video game, anime, manga, or other images you see are taken from the Internet and I don’t own any of them. Unless I specifically say that I took the images myself with my own camera, then those images are strictly mine. One example of images I took myself is a post I did for my review of the Kodansha vs. Tokyopop translation for Sailor Moon. To do my comparison post, I took all those images myself. If anyone decides to take the images for their own use, you can do so if you wish but I would appreciate a link back.

Can I link you on my Blogroll, and can you do the same for me?

A: Absolutely! I’m always looking for great blogs to read and to promote on my own blog. Generating more traffic on both sides by linking to each other is a great way to support each other. Send me the link.

I would like to be a guest blogger for simpleek. How do I make this happen?

A: I’m not too strict about submissions. The basic requirements I do have is please have the writing be coherent, intelligent, and have the minimal amount of spelling and grammar mistakes. Your submission should ideally be related to the topics I write about on my blog. I will review all submissions fairly, and I reserve the right to kindly decline any submission I feel isn’t a good fit for my blog. You can contact me at the appropriate Follow & Contact Me buttons found on the right hand side of my blog. I’m also open to guest blogging on other people’s sites, as long as we have common interests I can talk about for your blog.