New York Comic Con 2019: A Saturday Attendance Recap

What has been an annual tradition every October, this past weekend was New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. I have also stuck to my usual one day attendance to the convention, which has been Saturdays. Like in years past, New York Comic Con has been a day filled with fun, geekiness, and plenty to see or do. Without further ado, here are the highlights from my weekend at the convention!

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New York Comic Con 2018: One Whole Day Of Geeky Goodness

The start of October immediately calls to mind a number of fall related events and things—Halloween, pumpkin spice, Oktober Fest, fall foliage, and much more. But in New York City, especially for the comic book enthusiasts, it also means Comic Con is back in town at the Javits Center. I continue my annual tradition of attending New York Comic Con on a single Saturday pass. Here’s a recap of what I saw, did, and bought at the largest attraction in the Big Apple.

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Saturday Fun Day At New York Comic Con 2017

October in New York City is always an exciting month. Aside from the various events happening throughout October in the city, like Oktober Fest events and the Greenwich Village Parade on Halloween, it’s also the month dedicated to comic geeks—New York Comic Con! The convention happened this past weekend and I was able to attend again this year for just one day on Saturday.

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New York Comic Con 2016 In Review: Single Day Edition

When New York Comic Con descends upon the Javits Center, it almost feels as if the circus has come into town. Oh what a circus it is filled with parades of Harley Quinns and Luigis of all shapes and sizes. It’s impossible to contain the energy and excitement that’s felt near and around the convention center. October is the month locals and out of towners look forward to each year to be a part of the geekiest and nerdiest love fest you’ll ever see, and attending just one day of the convention is still enough for me to get my fix every year.

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Odds And Ends: What My January Looked Like In Geekery

Normally, the final week of January would be the time I discuss my progress with a particular video game I have chosen for my ongoing video game challenge series for the blog. January turned out to be an entirely different month for me personally. Instead of a video game challenge report to conclude the month on, I’ll be giving a brief overview of what geeky related things I have done.

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New York Comic Con 2015 In Review

I’m a season pro of these comic conventions, having gone for about five years, and the experience hasn’t gotten stale for me. Not yet anyway. The energy and excitement near and inside the convention is undeniable. Everyone is happy to be there and we’re all holding our breaths in anticipation of what we’ll be seeing and experiencing this year. Without further delay, here’s a full breakdown of what my convention experience has been like when New York Comic Con hit the Big Apple last weekend.

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New York Comic Con 2015 Sneak Peak

Another successful New York Comic Con came and went this past weekend. This year, I have been fortunate enough to score 3-day passes to the biggest geek love fest our city has proudly embraced and marketed the hell out of in the last few years. Purchasing the coveted tickets gets increasingly difficult year after year, as this convention has grown in popularity and demand over time. I thank a higher power who seems to love me and enable me to go to the convention year after year since I haven’t missed one yet when I first started going a few years ago.

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Fall Back Into Geekery: Why I Love Being A Geek In Autumn

It’s undeniable that fall is in the air. The leaves are turning subtle shades of yellow or red. The temperature continues to get cooler in the evenings to justify having a light sweater or jacket when you’re out––at least depending on where you are in the world. Even pumpkin flavored everything is making a comeback with a vengeance! With fall being one of my favorite seasons, next to spring, there’s still much to keep a geek occupied when the lazy days of summer packs its bags until next year.

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Sailor Moons, Elsas, And Jokers…Oh My: A Day At New York Comic Con

Every October is the one month New York City becomes geek mecca when Comic Con comes rolling into town. It’s the social event of the year for all geeks to unite and show their passion for their favorite TV show, comics, or video games. This is also the best place for people watching, as hard core cosplayers come out from all over to either show off their creations or just dress up for fun. And just like previous years, I have been fortunate enough to attend New York Comic Con this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Center once again.

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Comic Book Review: Wynter Issues 1 & 2

Being an avid manga reader for the mostly shojo manga genre, I’d say I’m really well acquainted with the style and types of stories that come out of it. I’ll admit that I’ve read more manga than regular comics and graphic novels you see being published from the likes of Marvel or DC. When review copies for a recently published indie digital comic book series entitled Wynter found its way into my inbox last month, I’d say this was a great opportunity to see what other stories and great art I may be missing out on by limiting my reading to just manga.

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