A Collection Of Memories: The Steady Practice Of Journaling

As a kid I never thought the practice of writing my thoughts and memories down on paper would be such a significant part of my life and routine. TV sitcoms in the late 80s and into the 90s would kind of poke fun at young teen girls who would keep diaries, starting each entry with “Dear Diary” as if that was a requirement for anyone who decided to write in their notebook. While I kind of bought into the idea of being one of those girls who kept a diary, or journal as I call it now because it sounds more mature, it surprisingly became a constant ritual I kept doing into my adulthood.

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April Update: What I Have Been Playing, Reading, And Watching

Spring has sprung, and with each new month brings a new opportunity to make continued progress in games, books, and TV. Here are the latest in what has been keeping me busy this month.

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First Impressions: Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

The Final Fantasy series is well known among gamers, whether you’ve played them or not, with each one having their own distinct stories and cast of characters. With as wide of a catalog this series has, so does the music that defines each game. And for those who wish to relive their favorite Final Fantasy’s music or simply enjoy the ones they’ve never played, the recent release of Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Bar Line for the Nintendo Switch is one of the best new rhythm games for all music lovers.

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