Fashion Redux: Revisiting 90s Style

Nothing ever truly goes out of style and that has never been more true with the resurgence of all the 90s looks making a comeback in the last few months. I grew up during the 90s, and there were plenty of fashion from that decade I took inspiration from or longed to be old enough to wear someday. With the 90s nostalgia taking over runways and local retail stores lately, I couldn’t help but reminisce over the clothes I adored.

Faux Leather & Pleather

Forever 21’s Faux Leather Mid-Rise Joggers

When I was in junior high I absolutely wanted my very own faux leather skirt. Maybe it’s because I saw Stacey Dash’s Dionne from the movie Clueless rock a red one so effortlessly, and I wanted to imitate the look. Let’s face it, Clueless had the best fashion to come out of that film and it’s one I hold in high regard from that time period. I did own one pleather skirt that I wore out from junior high into my high school years until the thing fell apart. Pleather was definitely not sustainable.

Seeing faux leather or pleather anything dominating retail stores lately, well, I think back to those days when I felt cool and a little sexy wearing mine. Being a much older adult now, my love affair with faux leather is pretty much finished. Looking at the pieces being sold now shows why this is one that’ll keep coming back every fashion cycle.

White T-Shirt Underneath a Strappy Dress

Forever 21’s Plaid Asymmetrical Slip Dress

Another iconic 90s look was wearing a short-sleeve tee underneath a strappy dress. Bonus points if you had Doc Martens to pair it with. This style was everywhere when I was growing up, whether seeing women on the streets or on television with this combination. Boy Meets World’s Topanga, played by actress Danielle Fishel, comes to mind.

I had a number of dresses I either wore a short-sleeve or a long-sleeve shirt underneath a strappy dress, but I missed an opportunity to get my own Doc Martens, or boots similar to it, to truly be a 90s girl with this look.

A shirt underneath a strappy dress may sound like a strange combination, but I think it’s accessible for those who aren’t a fan of flashing too much skin but want to be able to wear a spaghetti strap dress. Not to mention it’s a look you can wear when the weather isn’t warm enough for shoulder baring dresses.

Nowadays, I don’t have a ton of strappy dresses in my closet that would make this pairing work for me, but this is one style very close to my heart.

Trench Coat

H&M’s Double-breasted Trench Coat

I had a love affair with trench coats every time I tuned in for an episode of The X-Files and saw FBI Agent Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, wear one at work, or at a murder scene when her and Mulder (David Duchovny) were assigned to the case.

The trench coat is undeniably polished and professional. If you get one that’s the right length, it can make almost anything you have on look sleek.

I must admit I had an obsession with trench coats as a junior high kid into my high school years. Eventually, I did get my own, two in fact, but maybe not as long as the one I saw Scully wear on TV. I still have those trenches in my closet, but I haven’t worn them in ages.

Now that trench coats are starting to become more popular again, it might be about time to dust them off and wear them out again when the weather gets a bit warmer but still cool enough for jackets.

The beauty of these timeless styles, especially if you hold onto them, is you never have to buy them at the store. There’s a reason why you should always keep the classics. You never know when they might be trendy again.


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