Happy 11 Years simpleek blog!

The month of November always has a special place in my heart. Why? It’s the month that this blog was born!

The day was November 1, 2011. Every time my blog’s anniversary comes around, I always miss it by a few days. Mainly because it sort of creeps up on me, or it doesn’t land on a day when I usually publish a new post. Mondays for those who aren’t aware.

I’ve said it in many celebratory posts in the past, but the blog was born out of the desire for it to be a space I would discuss all things geeky or personal passions of mine. The blog has seen me through many ups and downs in my life. It has also connected me to a warm community on WordPress who have followed me since the beginning or found me much later down the road. It would always be a place where everyone is welcome and lively (but respectful) discussion would happen.

This year in particular has been a big one for me with a move to a new place and just feeling a bit more settled in my life. Admittedly, the past few months have seen my blogging drop off a bit to take care of important real life stuff so there hasn’t been many posts about video games, TV shows, or whatever else I tend to write about. Even though I had to step away for a little while, I always find myself compelled to come back.

There were times I have contemplated retiring the blog, and I still think about it sometimes. Maintaining one for this long and trying to come up with interesting and engaging posts is hard work. I wasn’t sure if I had what it takes to keep going on for this long.

As it turns out I can’t quit the blog, or the blog can’t quit me. It has been another part of my life I keep coming back to. A place I return to check in on the friendly people who have stuck with me, and who I follow in return. The blog is a safe space. A cozy feeling that’s easy to slip into.

I continue to be blown away by how many years this blog manages to stick around. Or my own personal will to keep it running. As always I don’t know what the future holds, but I do hope this blog continues to be here for as long as I’m able to hold onto it.

Thank you all for your kind support, your likes, and comments! You’re the reason simpleek has entered its 11th year!

Kero-chan having a slice of cake for simpleek’s anniversary!

4 thoughts on “Happy 11 Years simpleek blog!

  1. Congrats and happy blogging birthday! Hard to believe just how quickly 11 years has come and gone, right? Seems almost like the blink of an eye in terms of blogging. One day you’re writing a post, and then bam!, you’ve racked hundreds of them that could be a diary all on their own. Well, here’s to a great 11 years, and then 11 more! (Maybe. 😅)

    1. Thanks Cary! It still blows my mind that it has been this long. I certainly didn’t think my blog would be 11 years in and here we are. I guess we’ll see where the next year will take it. 😄

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