Your Room Is A Reflection Of You: Adding A Bit Of Geeky Flair To My Bedroom

The last few months have been a non-stop project of settling in and furnishing the new apartment I moved into. Every furniture and their placement has been carefully considered to put together a room the way I want it. Until now I’m nowhere near done with getting every room setup. There’s still plenty more furniture to buy and small accents to tie everything together. But one room I’m almost finished with is my bedroom, and it reflects everything I have loved since I was a kid.

Among my geeky passions has always been anime, manga, and video games. Anime and manga had been my biggest absorption since junior high, and video games surprisingly got added into the mix much later into my young adult life. All of this culminates into what makes these hobbies who I am and what I like to indulge in during my spare time.

Over the years I have built up a steady collection of anime, manga, and video games. Birthdays and Christmases were filled with thoughtful gifts from friends of mainly figurines from video games or anime meant to be displayed. However, because of space constraints at the old place, manga and video games were organized in a haphazard way with nowhere to really store them as neatly as I would have liked. Those cool figurines I received had to be gently stored away in bins never to see the light of day for many years.

The thought I always had was someday, when I got a bigger place, I would have space for all these things I loved. My manga, anime, and video game collections would be in its own organized area, and those figurines would be proudly displayed as they were meant to. Thankfully, that time finally came this past summer.

As headache inducing as it is to get completely settled in after a move, one of the best things to come out of it is having a chance to decorate and organize your new place according to your vision. With a bedroom being the most personal of spaces, it ultimately was the best place to start molding and shaping it into a room I always enjoy being in.

Bookcases were one of the key furniture must-haves for my room. Being an avid reader and journal writer, I needed something to store all my books. The shelves themselves would also hold the many figurines and knickknacks that have been begging to come out and be seen. After finding the right bookcases for my room, they are arguably one of my favorite pieces to admire whenever I step inside.

My manga is now organized in its own bookcase and, funnily enough, reminds me of how the manga section at a Barnes & Noble tends to look like, all colorful spines and titles in bold colors. The very top shelf displays the figurines that have been patiently waiting for me to bring out into the light. The other bookcase is organized according to the literature and YA books I have collected throughout my life. All of this becomes a personal library that outwardly reflects everything I enjoy.

What I like to call the manga section of my library.
The other bookcase filled with the less geekier books along with some personal items I have collected over the course of my life.

What about the video games I mentioned in this post? Those are stored in the entertainment unit that’s in the living room rather than my bedroom as it should be. But the living room is still a work in progress and not close to being done.

I’m thrilled to have my bedroom be an extension of my personality and passions. Among the smaller things I still have left to do is add some wall hangings to liven up some of the blank walls in my room, though, I have started adding some of the video game prints I bought before moving to my new place.

Moving into a new home is almost like a blank canvas. There is an extraordinary opportunity to let your creativity and personal style shine through. There’s no limit to what you can do with a space as long as you have the right furniture and room accents to breathe life into every room.

I might most likely not be done settling in until early next year, but when it’s finally finished, I’ll be extremely happy to truly live in the apartment I have always dreamed of.

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