Put On Pause: Blog Hiatus

In previous posts I have alluded to a lot going on with me, albeit vaguely, that has made my free time doing the leisure hobbies I enjoy slow to a crawl. That big thing has finally caught up to me that I have decided to put the simpleek blog on hiatus for now.

The reason for the pause is not anything bad. On the contrary it’s very good but overwhelming. A true sign that I have reached peak adulthood, I recently closed on my very own place making me a first time homeowner. It has been a really long and grueling process for the past few months but it’s done. Now all that’s left is the move.

Having lived in my childhood home for years, this is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with a move of any kind. Plenty of people have warned me that the move is the most pain in the ass process to have to deal with, but worth it once it’s done and you’re settled into your new place.

It’s not so much the move that’s really a big headache. It’s the divesting yourself of years and years of junk and old furniture you never bothered with until now that’s the issue.

I’ve started sorting through things. Tossing out what was old, worn, and broken or setting aside the things that can be donated and enjoyed by someone else. The amount of stuff to go through is quite hefty and it needs a lot of my time and focus. Putting the blog on hold is necessary to get everything done.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to resume my blog. I’m aiming for late June or after the 4th of July weekend. It all depends on how quickly I get somewhat settled in the new place. Hopefully by then I can resume all the geeky things I love and blog about them.

In the meantime, catch me in the summer months!

6 thoughts on “Put On Pause: Blog Hiatus

  1. That’s exciting news – congrats! You will definitely be busy for a while, but once it’s all over, the reward of finally having a place of your own will be immensely happy!

    1. Thanks Cary! Yeah, it’s all very exciting and everyone who has ever gone through a move has told me it’ll be the most annoying and time consuming part of the whole process but rewarding once I’m fully in my new place. Just kind of wish I could get to that part much sooner, haha!

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