May Update: What I Have Been Playing, Reading, And Watching

There have been plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes last month that has made things particularly busy. I find it crazy that the month of April has flown by at lightning speed since the last time I did one of these updates. Despite my somewhat hectic schedule as of late, I have done a good job balancing my to-dos with a bit of fun. I mean, everyone should fit in some downtime doing something they enjoy, right?

Here’s an update on what I have been doing.

Video Game

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

[Credit: Nintendo]

Continuing my most recent quest to go back and play video games I started ages ago but never finished, has taken me all the way back to the Nintendo 3DS to try and finish Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. This 2016 Japanese tactical role-playing game was one I played with a passion when it first came out until I suddenly stopped playing it and sort of forgot about it. Since my mood lately has been one of nostalgia and returning to the past as far as video games went, Birthright seemed to be a good one to pick up again.

I really can’t recall the last time I attempted to play Birthright but when I loaded it up on the 3DS, the last chapter I was on was Chapter 20. Not exactly close to being done like the other two games I finished but getting there. While coming back to an old game will undoubtedly make the memory of the story super hazy after a long time away, going chapter by chapter has allowed me to remember some of the story and the characters that first captured my heart. I think it’s easier to recall this story for the most part because the basis of the premise is simple—two kingdoms ensnared in a war with your character at the center of it all to try and put a stop to it to bring about peace.

At the time of this writing, I’m inching very close to endgame. This doesn’t mean I’ll be completely done with the series. Fates does have the companion games Conquest and Revelations that are strongly recommended to play to experience a full and well-rounded story. I suppose we’ll see if I’ll continue on with the rest of the series, or take a break and jump to another game that finally needs to be wrapped up.


Six of Crows

[Credit: Henry Holt and Co.]

The last time I did a roundup post, the books I was reading was Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse trilogy. I have finished all three books since that time but I’m not entirely done with the world Bardugo created.

Her fantasy world is absolutely massive and has inspired her to write spin-off books with different characters as the focus. One of those spin-off books I’m currently reading is the first book of her Six of Crows duology entitled Six of Crows.

When the Netflix series first came out last year, it combined the books Shadow and Bone with the Six of Crows to expand the world further rather than entirely focus on Alina Starkov’s journey. Kaz, Inej, and Jesper from the Six of Crows were such fun and intriguing characters that I wanted to see how their stories really played out in the book compared to the show.

I’m still a few pages in with the first book and already I like this story and the characters a bit more than the original Grishaverse trilogy from which it jumped off from. I unfortunately found Alina a bit dull as a character throughout the core trilogy while the introductions of Kaz, Inej, and Jesper has brought more life to the Six of Crows book. Probably because these three are flawed from the very beginning and have far more interesting backstories and nuances to their personalities than Alina and even her best friend and love interest Mal ever had.


Moon Knight

[Credit: Disney+]

Similar to my last update in March, Disney+ has been the place for watching shows I’m making time for. This time it’s Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac as the title character. This is a show I have been looking forward to seeing ever since I saw the trailer for it, and I love Oscar Isaac in general. Not only is he a good actor but he’s also easy on the eyes.

Like most people who may not be familiar with Moon Knight, the show is entertaining and a wonderful showcase of Isaac’s skill as an actor. Playing the dual personalities of Steven Grant, the lonely British gift shop worker at a London museum, and Marc Spector, a former American mercenary and chosen avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu to deliver a brutal brand of justice, is all sorts of chaos in a really good way. Watching how Steven and Marc, who share one body and are constantly at odds with each other, try to work together to stop cult leader Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, from releasing the Egyptian goddess Ammit to dish out a far more dangerous vision of justice is a must-see.

The show does a great job so far of balancing drama, humor, and strange in all the episodes they have released so far. This week will be the final episode for Moon Knight, and while I’ll be sad to see this show wrapped up soon, I am hoping if this is a one and done season, the ending will be an epic conclusion.

That’s it for my roundup! What have you been playing, reading, or watching?

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