Guest Blogger Post: Stop Looking for Your Next Anime to Watch or Manga to Read. Instead, Make Use of This AI

This guest blog post has been written by Chidi Udeze, creator of the anime/manga recommendation engine called AniBrain. What is AniBrain? Read more to find out how this search engine can cater to your anime and manga needs!

Are you looking for something new to watch or read to keep yourself entertained? Have you just finished a fantastic anime or manga and are looking for something comparable to watch? We’ve all been there, trying to figure out what to do next. We no longer have to deal with that thanks to AniBrain.

AniBrain is an anime and manga recommendation engine. Using key traits shared by all anime and manga, AniBrain’s AI can create practically unlimited recommendations for any title you search for. The recommendation pages are just search bars, similar to Google and Bing.

You type in a title that you want recommendations for and voilà! You’re offered an almost endless list of suggestions to look into, each with a similarity score. Let’s see what happens if we look for Bleach, one of my all-time favorite anime series.

I’ve seen Yu Yu Hakusho and can see why it has a 95% similarity rating to Bleach. Both are action anime in which the protagonists are separated from their bodies, transform into souls, and are connected to both the human and spirit worlds. The recommendation engine’s strength comes from the fact that it compares the searched title to every other title to determine similarity scores without taking popularity into account. You’ll be able to find hidden gems as a result of this! I’ve never heard of “Shaman King” until AniBrain, yet it’s there with a similarity score of 91 percent. After viewing it, I can say they’re very similar (particularly in terms of powers).

The purpose of AniBrain is to assist individuals in discovering new and intriguing things to watch or read. It makes no difference how well-known the title is. You’ll be able to get recommendations for it if it’s in our database! You can be sure that you won’t get the same recommendations you typically get when looking on crowdsourced sites because the engine doesn’t take the popularity of the titles into account. The site also has a lot of filtering options, making it easy to specify what you want in your recommendations.

There’s also a random generator for folks who are new to anime or manga and don’t know what to look for.

Recommendations can be generated with just one click! You can control the type of random recommendations you receive by modifying the settings and filters. You’ll get a list of random recommendations when you click the “Generate Random” button.

If you’re seeking new anime to watch or manga to read, AniBrain is the place to go. You’ll undoubtedly find your next favorite show or manga.

Author Bio: Who is your favorite non-MC anime character? For Chidi, it’s Lemillion from My Hero Academia. They share a common goal: To help at least a million people. Chidi, an anime fan and tech enthusiast, is tackling that goal through AniBrain, an anime and manga recommendation engine. With the motto, “A recommendation a day keeps the boredom away,” Chidi has set out to help anime watchers and manga readers get the most out of what they love.

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