A Blogging Milestone: simpleek Turns Ten!

If someone had told me I’d be blogging for ten years I probably wouldn’t believe it. Not because I don’t think I could maintain a blog for that long. When I’m determined to do something, I don’t quit until I accomplish it, no matter how long or hard the road to get there might be. What I mean is I thought life would eventually make sustaining a blog impossible until I either gave up on it all together, or my posting schedule would be infrequent or non-existent.

But here we are. It’s now the month of November and my blogging anniversary has rolled around again. What makes today even more special is it’s exactly the day I published my very first blog post as simpleek. It’s rare when the launch date of your blog coincides with the usual day you schedule a post. Usually I miss the mark by a day or two. That first post didn’t have much substance to it other than to introduce my blog, but I was a newbie finding my way around WordPress and just setting up shop.

Looking back I’ve blogged about everything that interested me from anime to manga to fashion to video games. As the years went on some blog topics have waned while other topics continued to be mainstays. Since starting the blog my anime and manga posts have declined, mostly due to time and being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of series available to watch or read. Manga took a particular nosedive because storage space had become an increasing issue for me over the last few years, and I had to pick and choose which series to keep reading and collecting to save space.

The fashionista musings have cropped up here and there but not enough to have every other post be about fashion despite my best efforts early in my blogging days.

The one topic that continues to have the most staying power, even after ten years, is video games. The great thing about being a gamer is you never run out of stuff to say about video games. There will always be a game that resonated with you in some way, whether you absolutely love it, hate it, or are somewhere in between.

I’ve fangirled about the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series plenty of times on my blog that I have dedicated posts to the love interests of each one—Alistair, Kaidan, and Cullen. And once I moved on from those games, I fell in love with others like Life is Strange and Final Fantasy XV. The more games I played, the more I discovered that there’s no chance I’ll never not find a new game I’ll love as much as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Those two series were the starting points of my gaming journey that hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. At least not until something comes along that will force me to put the controller down. Hopefully when that time comes it’s because I’m too old to hold one in my shaky, wrinkly hands.

Ten years is a long time to still be blogging and a major milestone I never thought I would reach. I say this every year I write these anniversary posts, but it will also remain true for as long as this blog remains active. I couldn’t have stuck it out for this long if it wasn’t for the amazing readers and followers I have.

Knowing I’m not randomly throwing words out there into the void and they’re actually reaching some of you is encouraging. The interaction I get for some of the posts I publish means a lot to me, and it motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Thank you, everyone, for helping simpleek hit the ten year milestone! Here’s hoping there will be more in the future!

Pusheen is overjoyed that simpleek turned 10 exactly on this day!

6 thoughts on “A Blogging Milestone: simpleek Turns Ten!

  1. And here to another ten *cheers*! It is an awesome achievement; but even more awesome is that the drive to write isn’t over yet. Blogging is still a compelling activity after all these years. We change, our interests change, and our blogging topics change, too. It’s one of the best things about this hobby – there’s always something new to write about no matter what. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cary! I agree that things will change as time goes on, but I am amazed I’ve been able to keep it up for this long. 😊 It’s also nice to reflect back on how far I’ve come and what I hope to achieve. Here’s hoping that the blog will continue on. And if not, 10 years is a major achievement regardless of what happens from here on out.

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