Stitch Fix: Clothes Catered To Your Personal Style Preferences

These days there’s practically a subscription service for everything to make things more accessible and right within your fingertips. If you find clothes shopping a time consuming chore and wish you had someone to make those decisions for you, based on your personal style preferences, Stitch Fix is here to help.

Stitch Fix is an online styling service where their team of stylists handpick clothes to suit your needs and personal tastes by taking their online quiz and filling out your style profile. The more information you give them, the better they can curate your style experience.

The company has been around since 2011, and Stitch Fix has always been one of those services I wanted to try but I never had the extra money to spare. Recently, and thanks to the bit of saving I’ve done, I thought it would be a good time to indulge a little and finally see what Stitch Fix is about.

The first time you use Stitch Fix you’re prompted to schedule your first Fix, where your assigned stylist will pick out five items to be packaged and sent straight to your door to try them on. A $20 styling fee is charged for every scheduled Fix you do, but will be credited towards the clothes you decide to keep. Anything you don’t want can be shipped back for free with their pre-paid packing and shipping label provided with your Fix.

After your stylist has chosen the clothes they think you’ll love, you’ll get a notification to preview their choices before they ship the box. This includes not only seeing what the clothes look like before you get them, but it also lists the pricing for each one. Depending on how you feel about your stylist’s initial choices, you can select the ones you wish to be included in your Fix but a total of five has to be chosen.

In my case there were only two from the initial choices I liked and the rest I rejected. You can leave a note for your stylist explaining what worked and didn’t work about your stylist’s selections, and offer additional feedback on what you’re looking for. The stylist will go back and select a new round of items to make up the five before your Fix is automatically shipped. Since I didn’t choose all of my stylist’s choices, the remaining three wound up being a surprise as you were no longer given the option to preview the second batch. This made sense because if a person were given the opportunity to preview every new selection, and you keep rejecting some of them, starting the whole process over again, it would stall the estimated shipping of your Fix package. This ensures your Fix box is shipped on time at the date that was agreed upon.

Within a few days I received my first Fix box, and I have to say, I’m impressed by the prompt delivery (it arrived a day earlier than what was originally estimated) and the choices my virtual stylist picked. Other than the expected two items I chose to have included in my box from the preview, the remaining three were on point with what I would have most likely picked for myself if I was the one doing the shopping. My Fix contained three different dresses, a floral patterned tank top, and a long-sleeved cardigan. The box also included a list of prices for each item in your box, the name of the item you received, and a personalized note from your stylist.

The name of the items included in the box.

The personalized note was a nice touch to make it feel even more customized to your experience. Based on my stylist’s note (Parker being her name), I felt she truly paid attention to my feedback before getting my first Fix. I had mentioned that I was looking for a really nice maxi dress, but because I’m quite short, it has been a bit of a challenge to find one that would work well for my petite size. I also requested my stylist try to pick clothes that were more on the cheap side, which she acknowledged in her note. The preview of the clothes I saw before getting my Fix had many of them more on the higher end of the scale than what I would normally pay for clothes.

Personalized note from the stylist on the top right.

Out of everything I tried, two of the dresses didn’t fit me quite right and were an immediate no. The maxi dress I was looking for fit beautifully along with the tank top and cardigan. For the most part I would say all the information I filled out for my style profile has been accurate to what my stylist found for me. Parker understood my overall taste, but if something didn’t fit well, I think it was more on me than the stylist, which was easily amended by logging back onto my account and adjusting the sizing better. I realized that I had left the sizing for dresses as a size medium instead of a small. Luckily, the maxi dress I did like from the box was already a size small petite.

My only issue with Stitch Fix is no matter how much my stylist Parker really tried to keep the cost low for my Fix, low for Stitch Fix is really between $30-$60. If you’re shopping for accessories, the cheapest I’ve seen on Stitch Fix is $28. If you decide to buy clothes from Stitch Fix, expect to pay more. And if you do decide not to buy anything from the box you received, you lose out of the $20 you were charged as a styling fee. Considering shipping is always free, along with free returns for the clothes you’re not keeping, it’s a small price to pay to try out a service.

Although the clothes I did like from my box were expensive, I did decide to keep the maxi dress and the tank top. The maxi dress was the most expensive of the two clothes I decided to keep, but since this was a splurge purchase and I was very much in love with the dress, I made the rare exception to pay more than I would have when going clothes shopping. What’s also nice about Stitch Fix is you aren’t forced into keeping a subscription and can cancel (or restart) an automatic Fix whenever you want. Or you can shop for items you like, without using the services of a stylist, in your very own customized shop.

After purchasing your first Fix an algorithm generates suggested items for your personal shop, based on past purchases and what you have provided in your style profile, so you can buy from Stitch Fix like a regular online store. I do enjoy the styles on Stitch Fix, but I’d probably only check them out occasionally if there’s something in particular I’m looking for that my other go-to stores, like H&M or Uniqlo, doesn’t have.

I don’t regret giving Stitch Fix a try. They do provide a high quality service, if you’re curious to know what it’s like to have your own personal stylist that will decide the kind of clothes you should potentially have in your closet. But if you’re looking to save money on clothes, Stitch Fix isn’t the place to go. It’s better to go to Stitch Fix if you’re looking for one specific type of clothing or style you’d be happy to pay more for and have it last you a really long time. The maxi dress I purchased seems to be made well, and will probably be the only one of its kind I’ll ever own. If this is a dress I can bust out of my closet from time to time for a special occasion for years to come, then the price I paid for it might be worth the investment. Here’s hoping anyway!

Have you tried a styling service like Stitch Fix or something similar? Is it a service you would pay for often or once in a while?

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