Coming Out Of Fashion Hibernation: The Styles I’ll Be Sporting This Summer

As parts of the world slowly reopen people are re-emerging from a year of self-isolation and social distancing. Everyone is eager to party and mingle like it’s 2019. With restaurants, events, and travel no longer off limits, now is the time for everyone to step out of the house in more than just sweats. As the second half of the year appears to be a salvageable one for most, it has been the perfect time to start dusting off some outfits that have been in storage since last year and show them off as you brunch with friends or catch a live concert. Here are some of the styles I plan on wearing throughout the rest of summer.

Paper Bag Shorts

While more of a trend from before COVID times, this hasn’t stopped me from wearing the few I bought when it was the fashion item of the season. These shorts are so versatile that it can instantly turn a casual look into glam in a snap.

As someone who personally never liked wearing shorts, except for going to the beach, I often wore jeans or dresses during the summer months. The introduction of paper bag shorts finally offered something I really liked.

The high waist and flare give the illusion of wearing a skirt, especially if you’re wearing one that’s more on the dressier side, while never having to worry about the up skirt problem that wearing a short skirt can often present. It’s an easy piece to build an outfit around without all the fuss, and it’ll keep you cool during those hot and sticky summer days. What’s not to love here?

Paper bag shorts may be so two years ago but it’ll always be a big part of my summer wardrobe year after year.

Wide Leg Pants

A trend that has become popular this year, wide leg pants appear to be the alternative to those who prefer not to flash much skin during the summer season. What I like about this particular piece of clothing is the looser and comfortable fit around the legs.

Where skinny jeans, or any kind of jeans, feel more constricting wide leg pants offer more movement while also keeping cool. The style may seem better suited for a woman who has the height to pull off the look, but petite women can also wear the style by finding a pair that isn’t as voluminous around the leg and finishing it off with some peep toe high heels to give the illusion of long legs.

I recently bought a pair when it started looking like my social calendar was starting to fill up again, and I can’t wait to give this trend a try before I commit to adding a few more to my closet.

Summer Dresses

The one trend that never goes out of style is the summer dress. Cuts and types may change from season to season but if you’re someone who loves to add a bit of romance and femininity to their look, then the summer dress is for you.

I honestly have more dresses in my closet than anything else, and it continues to grow the more I spot a cute one at a store or online. Now that there are places to go to again I found myself buying two new dresses—a belted at the waist dress and one with pockets.

Considering I hardly bought any clothes last year I suppose a part of me wanted to refresh my wardrobe a bit with something new to wear in the coming months. I probably didn’t need to add yet another dress to my closet but this is one style that will always have something that’ll keep you staying on trend year after year.

What summer styles will you be wearing?

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