Howdy Neighbor: Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has celebrated its one year anniversary since the game released on March 20, 2020. New Horizons went on to become the best selling Switch game of 2020, selling 11.77 million copies, and the predominant game of choice that got people through the pandemic. Although Nintendo celebrated the video game’s anniversary last month, complete with a one-year cake, my one-year with the game is actually this month when I first received it as a birthday gift last year from a friend. In honor of my whole year of playing New Horizons, I list my favorite villagers.


Bunnie is one of the original villagers to have moved onto my island since I started the game. The first moment I laid eyes on her I was smitten. She’s everything I could ever want in an AC villager. Bunnie is a rabbit villager with a sunny disposition and the cutest character design ever with her big anime looking eyes and her rosy pink cheeks. Step inside her home and it screams adorable with a pink and red color scheme that makes her home cozy and inviting. Bunnie livens up my little island paradise and I can’t imagine her not being a part of it.


Sylvana is a tiny squirrel villager who moved onto my island a little later in the game after allowing a few of the earlier villagers I acquired to move on to see the world. The opposite of Bunnie, Sylvana strikes me as a villager who’s more quiet and calm. Her house is my favorite place to visit out of all the homes on my island because it feels like an all day, every day Japanese cherry blossom festival with the sakura blossom flooring, wallpaper, and potted branches. Hanging out in her home feels soothing and relaxing, which suits her personality perfectly. Sylvana is another adorable villager I can’t bare to part with, especially when being around her is a welcome respite from a chaotic world.


Like Sylvana, Nana is a monkey villager that moved onto my island much later in the game. You can probably see a trend here on the type of villagers I love living on my island. Similar to Bunnie and Sylvana she’s cute and cheerful, but maybe not as energetic as Bunnie. Nana is friendly and gets along with everyone, and enjoys reading in her spare time. While her home doesn’t stand out as much as Bunnie or Sylvana’s, I made sure to customize Nana’s exterior space around her home to give it more flair. Nana is a great addition to my island home away from home, and to not have her in it would feel like missing a part of your family.

Who are your favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers?

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