V’s Got The Look: The Fashion Of Cyberpunk 2077

Three months into CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 and the game never fails to stun every time I load it up and play. Night City is a gritty, neon colored dream (or hell) and it’s easy to get lost in the different neighborhoods that make up the world. One of the things I love most about the game is the many styles and options a player has to dress up their character V. When I’m not busy hacking, shooting, or fighting my way through Night City, I’m spending part of my time hunting down new pieces of clothing to create a unique look for V. My efforts in coming up with the best outfit combinations has led to an ever growing collection of pictures of V nailing each look every time she’s out on the town. Check out my mini lookbook of V in the sleekest and cutting edge trends in Night City.

V doing her Night City strut in a number that’s nightclub ready.
V hanging at a bar in a well-coordinated white and gold outfit with matching boots.
V putting on her best Sailor Moon pose in a edgy school girl ensemble.
V relaxing on the beach with some shades and a casual look for those warm sunny days in Pacifica.
V is for Victory for pulling off a bolero jacket with a sexy tank, slacks, and comfortable walking shoes when she’s wandering around Night City.

2 thoughts on “V’s Got The Look: The Fashion Of Cyberpunk 2077

    1. Yeah, I kind of wish the game was in third person and not first person. The only time you get to see your character in all these fun looks is if you go into photo mode, the menu, or have V hop on a motorcycle so you can see more of them.

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