Sign Of The Times: Coordinating Face Masks With Your Outfits

Seasonal transitions often means doing a little rearranging in your closet to store away clothes that are no longer appropriate for the current weather, and digging out the ones that are. When the dog days of summer leaves us to make way for autumn’s cooler embrace, I always look forward to pulling out my warm sweaters and comfy boots. Due to the current pandemic, our fall season over on the east coast of the United States is looking a lot different this year compared to last year. I’m still very much working from home, and the only time I do go out is for walks or takeout on nights when I want a break from home cooked meals. When looking presentable for a short time out is necessary, I’m looking for fun ways to match the cloth masks I have with whatever outfit I have on.

Maybe I wouldn’t go that far and wear the kind of mask Lady Gaga wore at this year’s VMAs, but at least she has the right idea to make her face masks memorable and not so boring.

I doubt anyone ever thought face masks would be the hot item to have with you before running out the door, but this is the world we’re living in right now. Ever since it has been urged to wear a face covering every time you step outside of your house, many retailers and designers have jumped at the chance to make cuter and more fashionable masks you’ll want to own.

I’m not particularly crafty and I can’t sew my own masks. I have relied on a friend who made me some or bought them online through Old Navy and TeeFury. For the most part I have resisted going too crazy buying up a lot of face masks because I do believe the pandemic is temporary and will have an end date. When that happens I don’t want to be stuck with so many cloth masks that will eventually find its way at the bottom of a drawer. At the same time I’ve accumulated enough to add some variety to my mask wearing, required errand runs or light exercise.

During the pre-pandemic days I enjoyed changing up what I wore and what I accessorized with my chosen outfit. With the addition of face coverings I’ve made it a habit to kind of choose my mask based on what I’m wearing. The few masks my friend made me have been relatively neutral enough to mix and match with my clothes, or I bought a few with versatility in mind.

When it became a requirement to cover your nose and mouth with a face covering to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, things like wearing lipstick no longer made sense. The only makeup I ever really wore on a day-to-day basis was lipstick, and I had a variety of colors to choose from when I felt like having a bright red lip color or a deeper shade of pink. Being unable to show your full face in public without it feeling like a risk, I needed another way to express myself. The face masks has been my way to customize and tailor them to my personality. On the rare occasions I do emerge from my secluded bubble I do like to choose a face mask that completes my look for the day.

I know it sounds pretty silly when you think about it, but when life seems to be spinning out of control and feels more like a bleak dystopian novel, I find it comforting to focus on the things I can control. It keeps me sane and adds a dose of fun to an otherwise depressing situation.

Wear a mask but make it something you don’t mind having on for a while.

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