Pencil It In: Scheduling Time To Write

From the moment I made a promise to myself that 2020 and beyond would truly be different for reaching my targeted writing goal (finishing a full manuscript), I knew one of the things I would have to work out is scheduling.

Figuring out the frequency, length, and consistency of my writing schedule has been one of the few hurdles I’ve been trying to master. Currently, my writing schedule is all over the place. There are some weeknights I’ll fit a little writing in or none at all. Or most of the time I’ll find myself doing all my writing on weekends. The amount of time I spend on it can vary anywhere between half an hour on a Saturday to two hours on a Sunday.

I think where I’m struggling the most is finding that sweet spot of having and sticking to a schedule that remains consistent throughout the week. The erratic nature of my writing schedule now feels a bit disorganized, which is surprising that it’s happening to a person like me who thrives on order and organization.

I know there is no right or wrong way to create a schedule for yourself that will keep you on track with achieving your goals. I sometimes wonder if the scattered way I’ve been scheduling time for my writing is actually hurting my progress in some way. Am I slowing my novel’s progress by not squeezing ten minutes each night to write? Is it better to work on my book for two hours every Saturday and Sunday or go with what feels right for me time wise?

Every writer will have a different approach with how they tackle their works in progress, and that includes their schedules. I still can’t help but think I could be doing more or going about it better than I am right now.

Despite not really having a set schedule the way I envisioned, I can at least say that the writing itself hasn’t suffered. I’ve pushed myself to write every weekend, even if it’s only a sentence or two. Maybe in time I’ll figure out a better way to organize my schedule for my writing project.

How do you schedule time for the things you love? Do you put it in a calendar so you won’t forget, or do you schedule it whenever you feel like during the week, as long as it gets done?

2 thoughts on “Pencil It In: Scheduling Time To Write

  1. I can’t write so well when I’m tired after work, or when I’m awake early and thinking about how I have to go to work in an hour, so I get all my writing done on the weekend (when I have one.) Making time is important, but if I’m preoccupied with other things I have to do that day, there’s no way I’ll be able to produce anything.

    I haven’t tried writing a novel, though. Thought about it, but it is certainly a lot of work. I hope you can meet your goal.

    1. Yeah, it’s tough to be creative after a long day of work. I often never feel like doing any kind of writing unless I find a small amount of energy to sit in front of the computer and type a few sentences. But I keep thinking small efforts are better than none. It’s a process to figure out what works for you. But thanks! I hope I can reach my goal too. 😁

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