Fashionista Musings: Long Pleated Skirts

The winter snap and icy chill in the air will have people wrapped up in their coziest sweaters and warmest coats. It’s the kind of season where all you want to do is hibernate with a good book, a bingeable TV series, or an immersive video game. But for those days when you do get out in the world, sometimes you want to look your very best and dress up a bit. I’ll have moods where I’ll want to wear something pretty and flirty, but also have it be practical for the coldest months of the year. Luckily, the ongoing trend of the season is the pleated long skirt.

There’s something about this skirt that evokes a bit of romance or professionalism that makes it the perfect item to have in your wardrobe. From the style to the material, the pleated skirt has a versatility that can transition from winter to spring at a moment’s notice.

This long pleated skirt from H&M is soft and dreamy for a casual date night or reading a book at a cafe.

What I particularly like about this style is that it goes great with an oversized sweater. I can be dressed up and stay warm at the same time. If the fabric of your pleated skirt feels like it would be more suitable for the spring rather than the winter that is easily solvable with a pair of thick tights and a pair of long boots.

I’m also a huge fan of clothes that double up as a work outfit by day and grabbing drinks with friends by night. It’s the kind of practical fashion where you’ll never have to worry about needing to do an outfit swap to fit the setting you’re in. Efficiency and saving time? It’s the kind of fashion I can get behind.

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