Another Year Over: Conclusions And Looking Forward To The New Year

There’s always something about finishing one year and entering a new one that makes people reflective about their life and the state of the world thus far. The ending of 2019 is particularly meaningful because it marks the conclusion of one decade as we transition into another. I’m amazed that so much time has passed. I can barely remember all the things that have happened in the last 10 years, but one thing I know for certain is that there have been plenty of highs and lows that have impacted me personally and molded me into the woman I continue becoming.

Summarizing what has happened in a decade is nearly impossible. We’ll have some vague idea of what it has been like, but maybe nothing too specific to recall in vivid detail. I entered 2010 at the tail end of my 20s and now I leave 2019 in my early 30s. It’s pretty wild imagining how much of a life has been lived and what experiences you gained during that block of time, good or bad.

I can say the time between 2010-2019 has been rocky. I’ve been struggling to find a career that is both fulfilling and pays the bills during that time. The earlier part of the decade has been punctuated with working in a job that barely paid me much, while also gaining skills that could apply to a job I really wanted. Eventually, I moved onto a better position that paid a satisfactory salary for a time only to spend the next four years watching as that job devolved into something toxic and not entirely good for me on a personal and professional level. Aside from riding the bumpy waves of my professional life, I also experienced heartache on a personal level.

The heartache is probably the most surprising thing to look back on now because of how unexpected it truly was. I won’t be writing about that in any detail because some things should be kept private and close to the chest. I will say that it has transformed me in ways I never imagined it would. Wrestling and coping with a broken heart was new territory for me at the time and not something I want to repeat, if it can be avoided. The pain is excruciating and devastating, almost as if your lungs will give out and your heart won’t be able to repair the shattered pieces that remain. Here’s where the lesson I learned from it comes in—it really does pass and you do go on.

Recovery from a broken heart doesn’t happen right away. It might take weeks, months, or even a year. Mine certainly took a lot of time. When I finally felt the ache grow smaller and smaller until it was nothing but an unpleasant memory, strength and wisdom took root. I came away from the experience confident in my ability to weather the most awful and seemingly insurmountable difficulties life can throw at me. I’ve always regarded myself as a resilient fighter who doesn’t let anything keep me down for long, and the heartache I endured is proof of that.

My decade hasn’t been completely marred by struggle and sadness. There have been bright spots that allowed me to smile and be grateful for any opportunities that have come my way. I took advantage of a better job, traveled to many different and beautiful places, met interesting people, and challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zone and not be afraid to try new things. If I had to pick a theme for what this decade has been for me it would be transformation. I’m not the same person I was when I was in my late 20s and I’m embracing the changes that will continue to happen as I get older.

As we enter 2020, I plan to ride the wave of change wherever it takes me into the next decade. One thing I hope will be the running theme of my life for the next 10 years is motivation. I have mentioned how I very much want to finish a YA fantasy novel that has been in the works for many years. I want the new decade to be the period of time I succeed in my endeavor and maybe be a published author by then. The goal may seem too big, too lofty to hardly be realistic but dreams don’t come true without taking that first step, then another, and another until you end up exactly where you want to be without even realizing it.

I’ll still be maintaining the simpleek blog in the new year, but I do think as I finally gain the momentum to make my longtime goal a reality, there’s a chance I may not have a lot of time to blog. We’ll see what happens. For now, I’m thankful to each and every one of my readers and followers for entering each new year with me.

Happy New Year and may the next 10 years be inspiring, motivating, and prosperous for all of you!

6 thoughts on “Another Year Over: Conclusions And Looking Forward To The New Year

  1. Transformation is such a great theme for the past 10 years. I can relate. I’m sorry to hear about your heartbreak, I know that’s such a hard thing to get through and each experience is unique. Careers can also take surprising turns, and jobs can change in good and bad ways. That was my experience with work this year — things at my job changed, and I realized it wasn’t what I wanted after all, so I had to make a change. Life is unpredictable that way I guess! But I’m so happy to hear that you are looking forward to the future. I can’t wait to read your novel when you publish it! I hope you continue your blog as I love reading it, but whatever happens I would love to stay in touch. 🙂

    Here’s to a decade of new opportunities, lots of writing, and happiness!

    1. Thank you! Seems like we always have similar experiences. One thing that is true about most painful experiences is the more distance and time you put between yourself and what has happened, the more you begin to gain clarity and insight from it. It definitely wasn’t easy dealing with the personal heartbreak I had to go through, but I also realize it was an important lesson I had to go through. Now, I’m grateful for what I have learned from it and the strength I’ve gotten from it. 🙂

      But as I mentioned in the post, not everything about my 10 years has been all bad. It was a time period where we connected and eventually met in person in NYC! That’s a memory I’ll always remember fondly and hope we can repeat one day again!

      Life certainly has a lot of surprises and twists and turns you may not really expect. I’m glad we’re in a position to explore and change course once we feel like something isn’t right for us anymore, especially when it comes to jobs/careers. I still think it’s awesome that you realized teaching is more your calling and I’m really excited for this next chapter you’re currently going through to get there. 🙂

      I’m really going to work hard on my novel in 2020 and continue to do so moving forward. I’ll be so happy to have my friends read it when the dream becomes a reality.

      Happy New Year, Ashley! Wishing you lots of happiness, success, and exciting new experiences for you as well!

  2. Whatever comes of the next decade, I hope it’s good one for you, in life, in writing, and in tackling whatever challenges may arise! 😊😊

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