Another Year Older: simpleek Turns Eight!

November is a month that often creeps up on you. One minute you’re clearing out remnants of candy wrappers leftover from Halloween and suddenly you’re beginning preparations for a turkey meal to feed a family of four or seven for Thanksgiving. Aside from eating a generous amount of mashed potatoes and slices of pumpkin pie, November holds more significance for me that goes way beyond Thanksgiving—it’s the month the simpleek blog was born!

I must confess that my blog’s birthday nearly escaped me. The older I get and the more responsibilities I acquire over time, the more I almost forget to celebrate the small corner of the Internet I made as my own on November 2, 2011.

It’s not because I don’t care about my blog’s own birthday. On the contrary, it matters a great deal to me. But when your mind is split between remembering work related tasks that need to be done or making sure you take the time to enter a reminder on your calendar about a friend’s birthday party you agreed to attend next week, then you can see how some things will occasionally fall through the cracks. Luckily, my mind is good at remembering most things and being on top of whatever is important.

I’ll never not be in awe of how I managed to maintain my blog for as long as I have. Eight years of content. Can you imagine that? Even WordPress reminded me that it’s my blog anniversary. I doubt I would have believed it when I first decided to open and create an account. Yet, here we are. I believe we need to give ourselves a chance to acknowledge and be proud of our own achievements.

Blogging is very much a hobby I do during my spare time, and while I may not be earning any money for writing about video games, anime, and any geeky topic that interests me, it’s still a feat to keep going with this tiny passion project of mine. Not everyone can say they have run a blog consistently for eight years. It requires a lot of time and commitment to keep posting content week after week, which may not always be doable for some. Life gets in the way and if you’re not being paid to blog for a living, why would you?

Maintaining a blog may seem unimportant, but it does teach you how to stick to a regular writing schedule and gives you a reason to write as a way of finding your own voice and to keep those writing skills sharp at all times. The more you do it, the better you’ll be. No one becomes a better writer if they’re not actually writing.

As simpleek turns eight-years-old this month, I think this already proves that the blog is still here and is not going anywhere.

Thank you to all my readers who continue to stick with me! Your continued support and the comments you sometimes leave me on my posts mean a lot.

Aw shucks, Makoto. A cake to celebrate my blog’s birthday? You shouldn’t have!

8 thoughts on “Another Year Older: simpleek Turns Eight!

  1. Congrats on 8 years! (And thanks for the reminder, since it’s my blog birthday month, too!) It’s always amazing and weird to look back on one’s past years of blogging – the good times, the bad times, the silly times. As proprietors of our own little corners of the Internet, we just have to keep writing, so here’s to many more years of exactly that! 😊

    1. Thanks cary! Blogging for this long can be such a trip, huh? I suppose when you’re having so much fun writing about topics that interest you, you don’t realize how long you have been doing it until you stop and look back. It’s pretty amazing to know how committed you can be to a hobby when you keep doing it. 🙂

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