Online Styling Services: Looking Fashionable Has Never Been This Easy Until Now

If you flip through fashion magazines or skim through the style section of a newspaper, you almost can’t help but feel a twinge of envy at seeing models and celebrities looking impeccably dressed, hair perfectly coiffed as if they rolled out of bed in the morning looking like they woke up that way every day. Many of us would be so lucky to manage to not even have one hair out of place before leaving the house. Or if you feel you’re completely hopeless at figuring out what will look good on you, afraid to take any sort of fashion risk that doesn’t include the tried and true but very safe basic T-shirt and jeans, then luckily there are online fashion services that are eager to help with all your fashion dilemmas.

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that allows you to try a number of fashion combinations, which are handpicked by the company’s personal stylists. Think of it as having your own stylist for the stars without paying an arm and a leg to dress you. You simply fill out a style profile, setting up your own fashion preferences and price range, schedule a delivery for your first batch of clothes, and then try them on from the comfort of your own home. You keep the pieces you like and return the rest at no additional cost. Stitch Fix only charges you for what you decide to buy.

The first time I heard of Stitch Fix was through one of the Instagram accounts I was following. I was intrigued by their goal to have their in house stylists choose what they think will suit your tastes and needs, taking the stress out of figuring out what will and won’t look good on you. I like to think I do okay dressing myself on a daily basis, but sometimes I always wonder what a stylist for an A-list celebrity would think might be even better for me. Basically, upping my style game considerably.

I’ve only gotten as far as filling out a style profile. I have yet to actually take advantage of the service. Prices seem reasonable for what they’re asking for and the quality of the clothes look really good. Most of them look practical and simple to wear, which is my kind of style.

Another website that aims to please your high fashion needs is Rent the Runway. This site is similar to Stitch Fix, except their clothes lean more towards wearing designer name brands for a certain amount of time and then returning the clothes back once you’re done wearing them. Not only does it satisfy your desire to wear expensive clothes you can only dream about, but you cut out the unnecessary need to buy clothes you’ll only wear once. It’s cost effective and eliminates adding to the landfill.

I heard about this website recently from a co-worker who has a subscription with them. Her experience with Rent the Runway has been very positive. She has worn really cute and stylish outfits every day at work, which I couldn’t help but notice and have complimented her on more than once. The clothes definitely have a high fashion, runway feel to them. Now I know why. When my co-worker mentioned she has rented most of the clothes she has worn to work, using this service, I was definitely interested.

Being in New York City, space can be limited where you live. My closets and drawers are already filled to the brim with clothes I have bought in the past. Whenever I see a pretty dress or blouse I want to buy, I almost immediately regret it because I just don’t have enough places to store them. And when you own so many clothes, you often forget you had bought something ages ago and never worn it. Rent the Runway appears to be the solution to a problem most New Yorkers and general fashion lovers would have.

Doing a quick glance through the type of clothes they offer, there are definitely pieces that are way more than what I would normally pay for clothes. They also break up the style type in categories, from wedding to work. Their membership options are a bit pricey, but if you plan on using them as a replacement for actually buying new clothes every month, then you may be saving more money in the long run.

I think if I were to try Rent the Runway, I’d probably use it more for special occasions like weddings. Dresses can get expensive and I rarely wear a fancy dress more than once, mostly because I hardly attend a ton of events that would require me to get really dressed to the nines all the time. If I want to wear an incredible dress for one night only without breaking the bank, probably Rent the Runway may be the service I’ll need.

Have you ever tried an online styling service? What has been your experiences with it?

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