Wanted: Passion Seeks Motivation

What is passion? The dictionary has multiple meanings behind the word, but when it comes to expressing a love for film, music, art, books, video games, sports, and other areas of interest and pursuits, the applicable definition here is “an object of desire or deep interest,” according to Merriam-Webster. When we tell someone what we’re passionate about, there’s almost an all consuming fire that goes along with it. The flames are fanned and continues to burn brighter and faster until there’s nothing but you and your intense devotion to the thing you adore.

I’ve been passionate about writing ever since I discovered my propensity for the written word and storytelling when I was a pre-teen getting ready to enter high school. Stories and potential characters dance around in my head, begging to come alive on the page. But even though there is a boundless and unyielding passion to write, the biggest problem is tying down passion’s other partner—motivation.

The motivation to write is a lot more difficult to muster than it seems. It’s more often the reason why that 250 page manuscript hasn’t been written yet. While blogging about this particular issue I have been battling with for years isn’t new, it certainly is frustrating when you want to just do rather than find every excuse in the book why you can’t right now or the time just isn’t right.

The intention to get that novel written or to be consistent with my writing is always there. I get fired up, feeling like this time will really be different, because the passion to have my story be written never faded. There’s an ever present tiny voice always whispering in my ear to never forget what I set out to do. But then I get to the computer and freeze, a bundle of nerves pushing me to back away from it instead. A strange reaction for a would-be writer to have, right? Why am I terrified of just inputting a few sentences on the screen in front of me when I used to do it quite easily during my days as a Sailor Moon fanfiction writer?

The only deduction I can make here is the fear I feel of materializing something that is of my own making, creating a world with characters that are entirely mine without working off of any kind of groundwork that was laid before. Fanfiction is easier to write when the world and characters have been previously established. You’re building upon what’s already there and writing new scenarios or different possibilities your favorite characters could find themselves in that go beyond the ending of a book, movie, or TV show. Relying on your own imagination for an original story can be just as exhilarating as it is terrifying.

Fear can be a demotivating emotion that keeps you from accomplishing anything you want to do. And no amount of passion in the world will ever be enough without motivation working in cooperation with passion.

Finding the motivation to write when the passion I feel for words and storytelling is very much alive is a struggle I’m pushing myself to overcome. I’m still searching for a way to get passion and motivation in the same room to work in harmony with each other. The solution hasn’t exactly come to me yet, but I’m starting to realize that passion and motivation are the key ingredients to make anything happen. Once you have those two in your corner, everything just seems possible and more real to see your dreams come to fruition.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Passion Seeks Motivation

  1. I have similar problems when I comes to my own creative endeavors. At least for me part of it comes from will people read/watch what I create and if I’m not sure they will it’s harder to find the motivation.

    1. Yeah, that self-doubt is an enemy to all creative types. I know it holds me back sometimes. I think once we’re able to break through those mental blocks and not let it hinder you, the easier it gets to just keep going in spite of any insecurities you feel. It’s something I’m still learning myself.

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