Four Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters I Enjoy Playing When Kirby Isn’t My Main

Ever since I got a Nintendo Switch one of the games I adore picking up from my, albeit, small Switch library is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I often play as Kirby because, well, what’s not to like about Kirby? He’s cute, pink, and effective in most of the matches I play. Getting in a quick game or two during the times my schedule is particularly tight gives me the opportunity to not only unlock the remaining characters I’m still missing from my fighter roster, but also a chance to try out some other characters I may or may not be aware of from Nintendo’s sprawling video game history. When I’m not so inclined to play as Kirby, there have been four standout characters I like to play as from time to time.

1. Pikachu

[Credit: Nintendo]
During the days of the Wii’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pikachu has been my second favorite character to play when I’m not my favorite pink poof ball. Reliving the nostalgia of watching Pokemon in my youth and absolutely melting into a puddle of goo from hearing Pikachu’s well known “Pika Pika”, this lightning Pokemon never fails to charm me each and every time. Between well-timed thunder jolt attacks and a skull bash, Pikachu can give any opponent a run for their money.


2. Samus

[Credit: Nintendo]
Samus was another go-to character I often liked to play as during my early gamer days and when most of my free time was spent playing Brawl on the Wii. Being a late bloomer gamer I never got to play any of the Metroid games, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find plenty to appreciate about Samus. Knowing that she’s a badass woman underneath the head-to-toe suit of armor makes it extremely satisfying to play one of the earlier female video game characters of her kind, especially when prominent female characters in video games were severely lacking back then. Among my favorite moves to use are her bomb and screw attack.


3. Rosalina & Luma

[Credit: Nintendo]
My first two picks so far have been tied to fond memories I have of owning and playing the Wii. This next one isn’t any different. My first introduction to Rosalina and Luma has been through Super Mario Galaxy. There was something quite elegant and regal about Rosalina that, for some reason, Princess Peach sort of lacks. To be completely honest, Princess Peach is pretty annoying and hopeless at evading capture by Bowser. No wonder there’s a running gag somewhere out in the interwebs about Mario needing to save his girlfriend—again. And as for Luma, he’s another cute little creature that remains at Rosalina’s side.

When Rosalina and her trusty Luma became among the new fighters joining Ultimate, I was more than happy to have her as a choice. Rosalina and Luma didn’t make it particularly easy for me to acquire them to my roster, but once I finally had them, I never thought twice about opting for her over Princess Peach whenever I wanted to bring a much more feminine touch to a match.


4. Bayonetta

[Credit: Nintendo]
Similar to Samus, I’ve never played the game Bayonetta. I’m familiar with the character, of course, but that’s about it really. When Bayonetta approached as a challenger I had to unlock at one point, I instantly liked her fighting style and moves. After I unlocked her, I decided to give her a go in a fight. The impression I got when I fought as her was that there was a lot of style and class in the way she fights, while looking the way she does. The sway of her hips and that sly smile of hers would just about disarm any fighter when they least expect it. The attacks I particularly like using of hers are bullet climax and heel stomp.

Those are my personal picks. How about you? Who are some of your favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters?


2 thoughts on “Four Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters I Enjoy Playing When Kirby Isn’t My Main

  1. Yoshi has been my main ever since Melee, but I often liked to change things up with Meta-Knight too. Now that Smash Ultimate is out though, have been having a lot of fun with Isabelle and Ridley. Like your picks too, especially Samus! You should look up how Pikachu works on the professional scene, he’s a real beast!

    1. I’ve tried Isabelle, but I don’t think I’ve mastered her well enough to have her be a tough fighter to beat. Ridley I have yet to try, but there are plenty of other characters I still have yet to see if I would add them to my list of favorites. But that’s the beauty of Ultimate, right? So many characters to choose from and plenty of chances to discover new favorites with each match you decide to play. 🙂

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