Summer Trends: Front Tie Tops and Blouses

We’ve entered the last stretch of summer where everyone is relishing what’s left of barbecues, beach days, and summer vacations before the days grow shorter and those cooler fall temperatures start to settle in. But that doesn’t mean we have to put away all our summer clothes just yet. There’s still a chance to enjoy the current styles of the season and among them are front tie tops and blouses.

These type of tops and blouses can be worn with just about anything, from skirts to pants. You may think these tops are mostly midriff and tummy baring, but there are a surprising amount of modest options to choose from that sit just at the waist. There are even tops that have styles with sleeves or without.

If you’re not a fan of baring that midriff, you can tie it strategically to cover up.
[Credit: H&M]
The front tie tops and blouses used to be a trend I saw growing up in the ’90s. As a pre-teen going into my high school teen years, I bought and owned one sleeveless shirt you had to tie at the front. The shirt was light, airy, and a casual piece to wear during the hottest days of the year. The shirt teetered on being a little sexy, as it did rise above my belly button if I moved or raised my arms a certain way.

As a kid I didn’t like wearing clothes that exposed too much skin or made me stand out. Yet, the front tie shirt I wore as a teen and still own today can be adjusted any way I liked. If I wanted the shirt raised higher above the waist, there was a way to tie it in such a way that it became more of a midriff shirt. If you were like me and wanted the skin to be less exposed, I tied the shirt lower.

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you can’t continue wearing this look!
[Credit: H&M]
With the front tie shirt being among the most popular summer trends this season, there was an array of styles I wanted to choose from. I particularly adored the front tie blouses with colorful patterns and long sleeves. As the temperature begins to get cooler, having a long sleeves option ensures you can still carry this look all the way through those crisp autumn months. Pair this style with your favorite bottoms and boots and you’ll be fall ready in no time!

Is the front tie shirts and blouses a trend you like?

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